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  1. 4 hours ago, Gobbi said:

    Yeah these ads are getting pretty intrusive. The top and bottom banners are bad enough but now I’ve got a Toyota Tacoma ad that pops up about every 5 seconds and expands to take up the entire perimeter of the page... Doesn’t matter where I am in the forum. I’m using Chrome for iPhone if that helps at all. 

    The banner ad started showing up for me this week too and it’s ridiculous how much of the web page is taken up by ads now. 

  2. I've been working on a concept for a potential fantasy team application. The team nickname would be the Grizzlies. At this point, I'm not sure where else to go with the logo. I have 5 different options right now so I thought I would bring it here and ask for some C&C on it.



  3. I look at the third jersey and it looks like a Walmart knock off. It needs a white stripe between the green at the very least.


    The other thing that gets me is they said the new shoulder patch remains white on the away jersey to enforce a simplified identity. Yet, they still use two different primary logos that contrast with the jersey colour. So why not keep two versions of the stink-in-rink logo as well?


    I'm not overly pumped on the jerseys as a whole, but I am very glad that the Vancouver script is finally gone.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Morgo said:


    It'll be white but the blue outline around it will much thicker than on randyc's concept.


    I updated the size of the stroke on my concept.


    Ideally, I'd like to keep the blue stick-in-rink on the away jersey because I like the contrast with the main jersey colour. Either way, I'm liking this direction.

  5. 46 minutes ago, Chromatic said:

    Weird. Red is their quaternary colour. It’s so minimal. It’s a big mistake for a team called the Golden Knights not to go with gold for their third jersey.


    The Blue Jays also went a long 7 years without a blue jersey.


    But I agree, it would be a mistake. There are already enough red jerseys in the league.

  6. 19 hours ago, VancouverFan69 said:


    The Canucks ownership is clueless and inept. An ownership that "gets it" would have a primary brand that looks like this:




    Fun fact - I made that Canucks logo some years ago now.

  7. First off, I want to say that the template is my traced version of @OhioSportsMan61's fantastic Adizero template.


    #1 - Winnipeg Jets


    When the Jets unveiled their newest alternate logo, I immediately thought that was their best logo and should be the primary. So I made it the primary for this concept. I brought back to original Jets last uniform styling and combined 2 different eras from 2 different teams. Enjoy! 



  8. 10 hours ago, raysox said:

    Interesting that Thickness keeps coming up, i'll try out a little thicker lines later today. That means the collars will have a little less real estate, but if it's what the fans want!

    I'm hopefully going to finish a backside, pants, and socks soon and release some stuff to a select trial group. Let me know if you're wanting to join!

    Patched are a fine idea I guess, wouldn't be too hard to throw on the template.


    Sign me up!