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  1. I was pretty certain before, but now I truly believe this user was once "wgeddes122" EDIT - ^^^and there's the confirmation.
  2. I sincerely hope that "locker room" is a joke. It looks like a conference room.
  3. Looks to me like the crests need to be swapped around.
  4. For a while now I've been wanting to do make a secondary logo for my IHA team the Vancouver Millionaires. The idea I've had in mind was either in a dollar bill-like logo or coin-like logo. I decided to go with the coin route for now and these are the two options I've come up with. The first one is the "toonie" look and the second the "quarter" look. I feel like with the "quarter" logo there is too much blank space, but I figured I'd post these here and get some feedback on what you guys think I should add/remove or change. Let me know!
  5. Video posted on the BC Lions website has their uniform "designer" saying Adidas gave them templates to chose from. He says on the first go around, Adidas sent back a design that way very similar to what they've worn the past few years but they wanted something more futuristic. As a Lions fan, I hate them. The helmet logo is ugly and the tramp stamp was a bad idea when the Riders had it previously.
  6. I'm really starting to like how the new league logo looks on the jerseys. I know with how the previous version was, the points of the leaf started to separate from the fabric on my Lions jersey not long after I got it. That definitely won't be an issue with the new league crest.
  7. randyc

    Florida Panthers

    Good job! What font did you use for the name and numbers?
  8. I think I'll be getting a McDavid U23 jersey. Be an interesting jersey to have in the collection in 20 years.
  9. Here's a look at all the logos.
  10. The NHL Twitter account has shown teasers for Sweden and Canada's jerseys. One of the teasers shows the Adidas 3 stripes going down what looks to be the side of the jersey. Full unveiling of the jerseys will come March 2nd along with roster announcements.
  11. Prince George Cougars teasing a third jersey set to debut this weekend. Throwing it back to the Victoria Cougars/original PG Cougars colours. https://twitter.com/PGCougars/status/669357254664019968
  12. Okay so here the first update. I enlarged the flower, changed the mountains, which are from the Whitecaps crest, and changed the S.
  13. After a few seasons in Victoria, I have decided to move my PLA team to Vancouver since the market is now vacant. The team name I have chosen is Sporting Vancouver. I have started designing a badge but thought I would get some comments/criticism on it before finalizing the design. The flower is a design element that was carried over from my previous identity, which was done by Mockba. Here is what I have so far and what it looks like on a uniform.
  14. Canucks because I was born, raised, and still live in BC. Plus my dad is a Canucks fan. Blue Jays because I started watching them when I was a young baseball fan and they were always on TV. Seahawks because of geography and were on TV every week, and my dad is a fan. Titans because the first football game I remember watching was Super Bowl XXXIV and really like Steve McNair after that point.
  15. Changed the logo, but not their uniforms. Here I thought the new owners really wanted to put their stamp on the change in organizational direction but apparently not. This is pretty pathetic. I was really hoping for some kind of re-do of the logo which was used in their "glory" days.
  16. Here's a little preview of what can be done with the Puma template.
  17. The templates look great, but I really don't like the sideways socks. Maybe rotate them so they're upright and place them between the tops and shorts. I think it would make the presentation much better.
  18. Great, as if the coverage of the Leafs wasn't enough already in Canada. This Babcock signing is going to make it even worse.
  19. http://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/sports/there-s-a-buzz-in-junior-hockey-about-us-1.1818492 Awesome, I can't wait to see it. The article doesn't mention jersey changes specifically, but I sure hope they change them too.
  20. Keep it up Jaker. All your concepts have been very solid and clean, which is something that can be lacking on this forum.
  21. The new logo looks like it could be used the for North American Under-23 team for the World Cup of Hockey next year.
  22. You're right they aren't. I tried one on in Seattle to figure out my size when the time comes to buy one and a large fit perfect. Not tight at all.
  23. Puma has to do something about the fit on these -- why do they have to be so tight? All of the Puma shirts looked ridiculous in the world cup, and they're now so tight they essentially look like women's cuts. I get that athletic cuts are in style now, but to me this feels like it's going too far. Drives me nuts watching Arsenal games and seeing how often the players are pulling their shirts down because they keep riding up.I do like the look of the primary shirt, but that cup shirt is horrid. I don't like anything about it and wish the team would keep their current cup kit for another season.
  24. randyc

    raysox's A-League

    Any reasoning on why the smallest star in the A-League crest is different from the rest?
  25. randyc

    Canucks Concept

    I'm bumping this back up because I have updated the uniforms. I have moved to a new template, as well as started using Illustrator for uniforms. In this update, I have gotten rid of using the Canucks current name and number font and am now using the Kings alternate font for the name, and the Blues font for the number.