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  1. Went in a totally different direction and here's what I came up with.
  2. Okay, so here are the latest options. I changed the gold to the Athletics shade, and added some breathing room as you suggested, jdp. Now should I keep the white stroke around the text or drop it, like in the 2nd version?
  3. Does this help for breathing room within the roundel?
  4. Here are the next 3 options. Smaller font size, and switched around some colours to represent the gardens better in the roundabout.
  5. Hey everyone, I decided to try my hand at creating a soccer crest for my soon-to-be La Liga fantasy team. The team is based out of Lisbon, Portugal and will play under the name Grande Lisboa C.F. or Grande Lisboa Clube de Futebol (not sure if the name is correct but that's what I got in the english to portuguese translator). I based the crest off of this picture of Marques de Pombal Square in Lisbon, and the flag of Lisbon. The colours are based off of the flag also. I came up with a few different versions of the direction I went in. Personally, I'm leaning towards version without a cross and 2015 at the bottom. Any C&C on this would be great!
  6. Tigers are up next. I added the Tiger head to the sleeve on the home, and added an alternate hat which also includes the Tiger head for the road uniform.
  7. The other Ohio-based team is next. Here are the Indians. I have also added a gray White Sox road alternate uniform, which can be found in the first post of the thread.
  8. Cincinnati is next. I kept the current font the Reds use because I actually like it. I also brought back red pinstripes for the home uniform, which is one of my favourite uniforms I've done to this point.
  9. I added an anchor point like you said, but I don't think I know how exactly to do what you're saying. I don't see any anchor points on the corner of the white line that's sticking out. The only anchor points are at the top of the line and the bottom. Even when I add in another anchor point on the path and delete the bottom one, it doesn't line up with the template either and still sticks out. My skills are fairly limited at this point so I probably need a video tutorial more than anything. So if anyone knows of video tutorials for AI which go over the making of a uniform on one of the templates that are available, that would be great.
  10. Hey everyone, I have been expanding my illustrator skills lately and I'm stuck right now. I downloaded Andrew Harrington's Nike Speed Machine template to use and I was playing around trying to learn how to add striping to different areas. I was wondering how to either lineup the stripe within the one area of the template without going into another as I have done. Is there a way to cut off the path or line it up properly to the path it is going under without showing up on the otherside? I have tried the join paths tool but I still can't seem to make the white area that is sticking out to go away. Here's where I am at -
  11. I decided to change up the Rockies colours a bit. Gone is purple and added is a gold/beige colour. Felt like these colours popped more than purple and black did.
  12. This logo, please and thank you!
  13. As a Titans fan, that primary logo is unreal. I would love to see that as the primary mark. I wouldn't mind seeing a secondary logo to go along with the set as well.
  14. Updated the Red Sox to add the hanging socks logo.
  15. Thanks for the comments so far guys. Anaheim will be re-done in due time, and a gray jersey will be added for Chicago at some point as well. Next up is the Red Sox. Again, didn't do too much with the Red Sox since I believe they don't really need too much in terms of tweaks.
  16. randyc

    Canucks Concept

    And here's a comparison on the white uniforms with the new roundel JC (with the white outline around JC) and full-bodied JC.
  17. randyc

    Canucks Concept

    Here's a comparison where Johnny Canuck has a blue outline and one with a white outline.
  18. randyc

    Canucks Concept

    Still MIGHTY - I had thought that too, but that's why I kept the full-bodied Johnny Canuck logo in the set. Couple of different options here. Changed the font on the first one and for the second I loosened up the kerning and added 19 and 70 to the sides of the roundel. I'm not too sure on the 19 and 70. It's supposed to represent the Canucks first year in the league but having the number split in half makes it seem like they are supposed to be separate. I'll let you guys be the judge.
  19. randyc

    Canucks Concept

    Some of you may have seen the Johnny Canuck-roundel mockup I did in the 2014/15 NHL Uniforms Thread. For those who haven't, I decided to post it here along with some jersey concepts. Just a note, I do plan on adding a green alternate eventually. C&C would be great on these.
  20. A few more comments on these would be nice. Here are the White Sox.
  21. Did these up. Obviously based off of the Strength & Conditioning logo.
  22. Did a quick mock-up of full-bodied Johnny Canuck in front of the Millionaires V. No matter what the size of Johnny Canuck in front of the V (I might have him too big as it is now), I agree with Lee in that Johnny Canuck in the roundel like they have it in the Strength & Conditioning logo would be the best place to start.