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    Canucks Concept

    Still MIGHTY - I had thought that too, but that's why I kept the full-bodied Johnny Canuck logo in the set. Couple of different options here. Changed the font on the first one and for the second I loosened up the kerning and added 19 and 70 to the sides of the roundel. I'm not too sure on the 19 and 70. It's supposed to represent the Canucks first year in the league but having the number split in half makes it seem like they are supposed to be separate. I'll let you guys be the judge.
  2. randyc

    Canucks Concept

    Some of you may have seen the Johnny Canuck-roundel mockup I did in the 2014/15 NHL Uniforms Thread. For those who haven't, I decided to post it here along with some jersey concepts. Just a note, I do plan on adding a green alternate eventually. C&C would be great on these.
  3. A few more comments on these would be nice. Here are the White Sox.
  4. Did these up. Obviously based off of the Strength & Conditioning logo.
  5. Did a quick mock-up of full-bodied Johnny Canuck in front of the Millionaires V. No matter what the size of Johnny Canuck in front of the V (I might have him too big as it is now), I agree with Lee in that Johnny Canuck in the roundel like they have it in the Strength & Conditioning logo would be the best place to start.
  6. Next up is the Braves. Added some piping to the navy jersey and changed the script from navy to red for some contrast.
  7. Here's a screenshot from the video that VancouverFan69 is talking about.
  8. Here is a full-bodied Johnny Canuck on a jersey. New Canucks fashion jersey to be sold. I don't mind this jersey at all, albeit the crest is small and sits a little high. http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/636079
  9. Next up is Baltimore. I decided to go with mismatching caps and batting helmets, but aside from that not really any changes from what they currently wear.
  10. Thanks for the comments so far guys, I'll make some changes/additions in the coming weeks. In the mean time, here is the next team, the Diamondbacks.
  11. Since Mike Trout was named AL MVP today, the team up is the Angels. I decided to use bring back the 'Anaheim' Angels because I hate that they're still called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
  12. I've been doing concepts for quite a few years now off and on. Recently I've been playing around in AI more and more and my skills with paint.net have improved so I figured it was time that I expand from hockey concepts and move into the baseball world, with my own template with pieces from the template used on SL.net baseball uniforms. I understand why teams go with road gray uniforms, but it something I haven't always been a fan of. Because of this, I decided to start a series in which there are no more gray road uniforms (albeit one or two teams may be an exception, but we'll see). I decided to keep the gray pants to go with the road uniforms so there would be a little bit of difference between teams during games. American League East Baltimore Orioles - Home, Road, Alternate Boston Red Sox - Home, Road, Home Alternate, Road Alternate Central Chicago White Sox - Home, Road, Alternate, Road Alternate Cleveland Indians - Home, Road, Home Alternate Detroit Tigers - Home, Road West Anaheim Angels - Home, Road, Home Alternate, Alternate National League East Atlanta Braves - Home, Road, Alternate Central Chicago Cubs - Home, Road, Alternate Cincinnati Reds - Home, Road, Home Alternate, Alternate West Arizona Diamondbacks - Home, Road, Alternate Colorado Rockies - Home, Road, Alternate
  13. To me the 2014 Pirates wordmark looks like it was Photoshopped on, whereas the 2015 cool base doesn't.
  14. I want to see a red and white version of these Stamps unis. I would like them so much more than what they currently have. Although if that were to happen I'd like to see the regular red helmet stay. That being said, even though I'm a Lions fan, these are the best of the signature bunch with BC at #2, mostly because of the Lions numbers.
  15. CCM tag, but unfortunately still the EDGE cut.
  16. 1 - Florence 2 - Genoa 3 - Messina 4 - Milan 2 5 - Parma
  17. Here's the paint scheme preview for the three races this weekend. Not all Nationwide or Truck schemes, but cool rundown of most Sprint Cup cars. http://www.nascar.com/paint-scheme-preview.html
  18. randyc

    Fantasy League

    yeah kinda confusing. so basically it would be a made up sport and people but we would set it up like a fantasy league. i even don't know how it is all going to work right now Probably because it isn't going to work, at least not on these forums. Look around at what sports the fantasy leagues on here are based on. You'll notice that they are real sports. You should probably also read over the fantasy guidelines here because this is not how it works as rams80 said earlier. Just stop with this stuff, these ideas are horrible.
  19. randyc

    Fantasy League

    A fantasy league with a made-up fantasy sport eh?
  20. Feels like a pop-up that I want to close but can't. Don't like it at all.
  21. randyc

    NHL Super League

    Good start so far. Couple things I'm not a fan of - Bruins primary logo, and the Ducks home and away jerseys. I feel like the Bruins logo should be left as it is now. As for the Ducks, just too much open space for my liking. Any chance you will be completing your Continental Independent Baseball League series?
  22. I don't have a complaint about any one team yet. Everything is awesome. This series is what this forum needs. Actual quality, and concepts for that matter.
  23. One thing about the Ducks jersey - I prefer the look of the elongated numbers on the Stadium Series jersey compared to their current regular numbers.
  24. The more I see look at these jerseys, the more I hate the angled sleeve numbers. They are so pointless. When has anyone ever had major issues with reading sleeve numbers because the players arms were bent? Especially when watching on TV. I can only hope that these dumb angled sleeve numbers do not become a go to design element for Reebok. I get that Reebok is trying to do something different these Stadium Series games, but the "Reebox" and sleeve numbers are unnecessary and ugly.