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  1. how come no western teams, there all eastern?
  2. randyc


    im not gonna use your logo with out permission but this is kinda just for me for know anyways. if in the future i need to use your logo in anyway i will ask for permission. what im doing is trying to make my own hockey leagues and ive made two of them the NAHL and CNHL i got the idea from the vancouver canucks forum for cnhl and i just came up with the NAHL and i new it was already a real hockey league but its just for my own use right now.
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    does anyone know where i can find a North American Hockey League logo?
  4. bump this back onto thefirst page
  5. thanks, what site did u find that from because ive found the font just not a free one.
  6. sweet job! is the jays number a font or is it just a design for the team?
  7. actually the blazers are gonna be playing in GM Place