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  1. Here's a picture from the Canucks instagram showing the back of the jersey, with an announcement to come today. http://instagram.com/p/WUsDTytOP_/ Same number font as the current jerseys, with a different font for the names.
  2. By saying moved, I didn't mean that they would move the Wolves. I'm well aware about the Wolves, simply meant that I wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks affiliate becomes Abbotsford once their agreement is up with Chicago. Better?
  3. http://www.uticaod.com/blogs/x1145972669/The-Flames-Are-Coming-The-Flames-Are-Coming-Deal-Done-AHL-Hockey-Returns-To-Utica-Aud-For-2013-2014-Season With this move, I wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks farm team moved to Abbotsford from Chicago. I wonder if the Utica team will keep the heat name, changes to Flames, or bring in a new nickname?
  4. Having lived in PG for the last 4 years, the current ownership has ruined the team. They've gone from a ticket that you would be lucky to get to them not being able to give away tickets for free. The city already has the Spruce Kings in the BCHL and arguably play better hockey and are definitely way more competitive. Anyhow if the team were to move, if Nanaimo could get the team it would be good I think. The current Cougars and Royals games are already decent and would be even better with an Island rivalry. Nanaimo Islanders?
  5. I like these new post game presser hats. The only hats that seem to fit me good are the mesh back ones. Now with the BP hats becoming 59Fiftys which don't fit my head at all and sit way too high on my head, these new mesh back post game presser hats will be the only MLB hats I'll be buying.
  6. Just switch back to using the old format of Photobucket. Solves any copy and paste issue with it. How do you do that? It asked me when they switched my account if I wanted to keep the new look or not, so I didn't. Of course as I log in to Photobucket tonight it says that they're switching everyone's accounts in 20 days, so something else than Photobucket may have to be used sooner then later.
  7. Just switch back to using the old format of Photobucket. Solves any copy and paste issue with it.
  8. For me, the two spots over the eye make it seems somewhat feminine. But I do like the logo overall.
  9. My guess is they will wear them March 16th vs the Red Wings as the last paragraph mentions that game as when the Millionaires will be honoured "in-game." EDIT - Canucks twitter says they'll be worn later this season, so there we go.
  10. Canucks posted some more pics of the photoshoot of Kesler in the Millionaires jersey and other Millionaires gear. Awesome looking uniform in my opinion, just needs a matching brown helmet with it. http://www.fortnucks.com/post/42029010296/kesler-millionaires-1-p-m-tuesday-january-8
  11. The release said they'll wear the V patch on the front of their third jerseys, which has the stick-in-rink on the front, right? Ahh yes, true enough. Still not totally awake! The Millionaires Reebok jersey above is interesting. Seems like it would be something the Canucks would wear for a Heritage Classic-type game. First time I've seen any pictures of that.
  12. http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=653445 I like the idea, but wearing the patch on the front of the jersey rathers than replacing a shoulder patch I don't like. If someone didn't already realize the Canucks played in Vancouver, you shold really know now as it'll say "Vancouver" two times on the front of the jersey.
  13. I saw this yesterday on the BC Lions Facebook page that they are having a contest to design their 60th anniversary logo. The link below provides all the details they're looking for, as well as the reward for winning. I figure with the talent this place has there should be some good looking designs coming out of this place. http://bclions.com/logo60
  14. Taking a look at the Islanders website, those numbers are definitely thick on the outline. May be a legit jersey but the number customization is off.
  15. Well for me I'd like to see the Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks and Vancouver Canucks sooner than later.
  16. There are also lots of people outside of fourms like this one who don't care if a jersey is fake, or can even tell when a jersey is fake. If they get their item they are going to give the guy a good rating.
  17. Saw a Canadiens jersey on there for a good price. Decided to look around at other jerseys to see if there were any glaring errors and found these Canucks gems: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RBK-VANCOUVER-CANUCKS-HENRIK-SEDIN-WHITE-JERSEY-LARGE-/360459040806?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item53ed087826
  18. When I was reading the article and saw white paneled caps, I thought, yes, the Jays will have an updated white panel cap! And yet they chose to put the maple leaf on that hat? C'mon
  19. Ya, looks like the top and bottom of the script are cut off.
  20. Titans look good but those numbers look much too skinny.
  21. I agree with having OKC on the cap. Other than that this is great work, one of my favourite series I've ever seen on here, along with your Defunct NHL team re-do.
  22. Can't wait to see the rest of them! I'm glad this series will be completed, one of the rare ones on the concept forums these days that is worth following!
  23. I like the Caps set, much better than what they have now. Only suggestion I would have is use the colours in the logo they use now on the red and white jerseys.
  24. randyc

    NHL 13

    The Canucks shoulder patches on their current set look like Cody21 made them, they're pretty large during gameplay.
  25. White jersey, gray pants it is.