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  1. "The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament is that special time of year when the northern schools hate the Metro, the public schools hate the privates, and everybody hates Edina."
  2. From Michael Russo at the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Make the home a green version of the current roads, and we're done here, boys.
  3. #1, and it's not even close: March 24, 2006. The Minnesota Gophers hockey team loses in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament to Holy Cross in OT, in Grand Forks, in front of a building full of Sioux fans. I don't think I've ever heard an arena that loud, and it's made all the worse by the fact that my wife and I were in attendance, and had to listen to Sioux fans jawjacking us everywhere we went that night. For those who are unfamiliar with college hockey, Minnesota and North Dakota are blood rivals, even though we're not in the same conference anymore. North Dakota fans *to this day* will show up at games wearing Holy Cross jerseys and t-shirts. Bad night. REALLY bad night. #2 1998 NFC Championship #3 2009 NFC Championship #4 2001 NFC Championship: Giants 41, Vikings 0.
  4. The Vikings stadium bill just passed the Minnesota House 73-58. Yay.
  5. So, would those colors be known as "Screw You, Minnesota" purple and gold?
  6. You don't have to explain anything. They're in the right jerseys. Parise was born and raised in Minnesota, so even though his Dad is Canadian and Zach could have played for the Canadians, Zach is American through and through. Yeah, Hull was born in Canada, and spent a lot of time there, but he also lived in Chicago with his Dad, where all his other siblings were born. So, while he had dual citizenship, more than that, in '86 Team USA was the one who showed interest in him playing for them, not Canada. Hull decided to stick with that loyalty throughout his career. I admire both of their decisions. To us Canadians,both of them are traitors. So you expect a kid who was BORN AND RAISED in Minnesota (which is in the U.S.) to play for Team Canada? Also, as Timaa said, Canada had no interest in Hull in '86, so it would seem they screwed him over before he "screwed" Canada over. Hull also played for the University of Minnesota-Duluth, is enshrined in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, and is considered one of the greatest AMERICAN hockey players of all time. He's only considered Canadian because he was born in the summer, when the family vacationed in Ontario. The United States, being a very diverse country, have MLB and NBA players who hold American citizenship, even some BORN in America, play for other countries in the Olympics, World Championships, and what have you. They're not considered traitors by any stretch of the imagination.
  7. EDIT: I was going to show the Wild's Division Championship Banner, but apparently you can't link from the Star Tribune website. It's pretty nice. Very understated.
  8. This one makes my head hurt. There is only one Stanley Cup champion per year. Yeah, but there are many players on the team. Isn't "Champions" standard usage? Does any team use the singular in its banners? Or are you talking about "1996 Champions" v. "1995-96 Champions?" Not every player gets a Stanley Cup. There can only be one Stanley Cup champion. We (not you and I but in general) have had the discussion as to whether a team name represents a single entity or a collection of players. This one is more complicated by the Avalanche having a singular name. "Your Stanley Cup champion Avalanche!" No? Edit: To add to the confusion, the Stars have a banner that reads "Stanley Cup Champions" but also one that reads "Presidents Trophy Winner." So I guess it also matters whether you think the team is referring to the actual cup or the playoffs of the same name used to determine the winner of the cup. I agree. I read it six times, and it still doesn't make sense. I think my frontal lobe went kablooey. Also, every player DOES get a Stanley Cup, THE Stanley Cup, for a 24-hour period. So there.
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