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  1. Mine is the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts. Now for the first seven years of the 1980's, the Colts had a dull, silver grey color in their uniforms. Sometimes it was their entire pants (which made them look dirty compared to their white helmets) and other times it was just within their shoulder and pant stripes. For that I have enough visual evidence. But then there's the infamous 1995 uniforms. They went to blue facemasks and black cleats both from white, which they kept for years. They had blue pants on their road uniform set for at least three games. All of that I have visual proof for. But to this day, I swear I saw one single home game where they had blue jerseys and blue-silver pants. Think of the Cowboys' greenish silver pants and just adjust them to royal bluish accordingly. It drives me nuts, because I can still see it in my mind's eye, and I thought I had heard fans screaming blue murder in protest too. And yet, I wonder if it's all in my head. I can find no such one off shiny blue-silver game pants the Colts wore for a single home game. The silver gray pants with the single silver blue stripe and the horseshoe logo on the hip they ware earlier- sure, no problem. But there is no proof that the other pants ever existed in any capacity. Not on the drawing board, not as a proposal, no pictures, no footage, not in practice, nothing.
  2. He looks like he's one sailor cap away from chasing the Ghostbusters.
  3. It might be because this team is using the identity and slightly modified logo (but not the colors) . Whether they actually bought the rights to the name and logo or if they're just using it unauthorized. I couldn't tell you. Better look of their logo use;
  4. I was just checking in with the Redblacks website and I came across this mention about The Ottawa Fury, Redblacks and 67's relationship with Bell Media. There appears to a teaser pic of the Redblacks home uniform- either that or it's a stock photo with their team colors. Has anyone else heard anything about what direction they might have chosen?
  5. Whatever the A11FL's Tampa Bay Bandits come up with for a uniform, it will likely be light years better than this mess and therefore like their namesake predecessors be the best dressed football team in the city.
  6. Since they already have an identity for the Bay Area, I'd really like to see them re-use the Invaders moniker as an 8th all-road team- Team Invaders, if you will. They'd play half their games versus the other seven teams at their home fields, and their own "home" games each played at a different city. That way the league gets to both test differnt markets by seeing how they support a single game rather than an entire season and they get to spread their brand among far more markets than the originally planned eight. Also, if they need to relocate one of the other teams (or find a permanent home for this one), this might be a better way to see if a market is viable rather than just crunching numbers. Some larger markets might fail or a smaller market be surprisingly supportive. Well, that's how I might consider doing it anyway. It can't be any worse than how other upstart leagues tried it.
  7. For some reason all I see when I look at the Moose Trax logo is the old New Jersey Red Dogs from the Arena Football Legue in the 1990's. While it's not a rip-off to the letter of the law, certainly it was no doubt a major inspiration.
  8. I would suggest adding either a single star on the hip of the pants or making it a patern and adding six stars down the leg (one for every state in New England)
  9. Why not replace the Soviet flag with the Russian one? It would be more accurate and the colors would be the same as the Blue Jackets'. Keep the shirt red and change the letter from gold to white.
  10. I was thinkng about an unused logo of an unrealized team in an equally unrealized football league. In the early 1990's the PSFL was just about to kick off when they decided with 10 days to go to pull the plug. The league already had teams and logos ready to go. One of the teams was the Utah Pioneers. Their logo was rough looking (as were all of them) but I like the idea behind it depicting a covered wagon crossed with a race car chasis and modern day tires. It had no horses in front of it and was depicted as speeding off on the side of the helmet as though self-propelled. I wondered how the logo might look slightly modernized. Maybe cross it with the like of the Bowling Green Hot Rods basball team...only for football.
  11. Changes to consider... I'd keep the epsilon "LV" logo on the cap, but I would lose the letterhead and bull skull logo. I'd consider using a western-themed font for the letterhead. Look to the Old West wanted posters, or at least Hollywood's version of them. You'll have to consider coming up with another primary logo and use it for a shoulder patch. it could be something simple like two pistols crossed over a baseball, or something more complex like a skull with baseball stitcing on is head, or something more stylized like a cowboy outlaw. I'd ditch the black altogether. It's especially harsh in the summer in the desert to have such dark colors. I'd go for something more unique like a sunrise red and a metalic copper with white as the divider trim between the two. They are more desert themed colors and without totally abandoning the original pallet. For the home uniform, I'd use "Outlaws" on the front of a white uniform and for the away uniform I'd go with "Las Vegas" on traditional grey. Same font and jersey style for both. If having number on the front is unattractive, you might want to consider putting them on one of the shoulder like Philadelphia. If you still have your heart set on a black jersey, then I would do a batting practice or alternate jersey (for cooler night games) with white lettering and numbering with the red and copper trim and maybe the primary logo as the jersey's adornment. Again, just spitballing ideas here...ultimately this is you baby.
  12. I know this is splitting hairs a bit here, but the nickname "Red & Black" has already been in use for a football team nickname for quite some time. Watertown, New York is home to the Watertown Red & Black football team. It currently hold the distinction of being the oldest semi-pro football team in the United States (founded in 1896). Now yes, it's in the country next door, it's a different version of gridiron football, and most of you have probably never heard of this team, however this is still a name that while not lawfuly exclusive it certainly could be argued that they have earned the name to be their own on principle. By that I mean at this point while it would not be illegal by any means for a new team to adaopt a name already taken by another long established one, there is kind of an unwritten rule that most teams like nicknames (and by extention brands) that are all their own. If they've been established for more than a century, surely thier claim to the name has a little more weight than say a team who's only been around for a few years. That they are a small time team is arguably irrelevent. There are obviously exceptions. But if done right, most teams want a name so recognizable that when fans (paying customers) hear it, they automatically picture their team's logo color, location and sport. Would it be worng for Ottawa to adopt such a moniker? Of course not. But if I were the owner of a brand new professional sports team would I want to take the name from any team that's been around for more than a century and was based only 120 miles away? No, not really.
  13. Theoretically, could the Patriots opt to wear their silver pants and solid blue socks with their white jerseys if they so desired (not that I think they would) or would they need to get permission since they've never worn that combo before?
  14. I would rename them the Washingtone Pigskins. This way you could even still call the the 'Skins if you wanted to. The term "pigskin" being a nickname for football, the term "hogs" often referring to football linemen and "The Hoggettes" being a particular group of fans of the current Washington Redskins who wear (among other things) costume pig snouts. I would also keep their current colors of burgundy & gold. There's nothing wrong with either the colors nor the uniform so a change is in that respect is not called for. I would borrow the warthog logo and helmet design from the defunct Florida Tuskers of the United Football League (UFL) and evolove them slightly, but keeping the snout and tusks on the helmet.