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  1. Mine is the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts. Now for the first seven years of the 1980's, the Colts had a dull, silver grey color in their uniforms. Sometimes it was their entire pants (which made them look dirty compared to their white helmets) and other times it was just within their shoulder and pant stripes. For that I have enough visual evidence. But then there's the infamous 1995 uniforms. They went to blue facemasks and black cleats both from white, which they kept for years. They had blue pants on their road uniform set for at least three games. All of that I have visual proof for. But to this day, I swear I saw one single home game where they had blue jerseys and blue-silver pants. Think of the Cowboys' greenish silver pants and just adjust them to royal bluish accordingly. It drives me nuts, because I can still see it in my mind's eye, and I thought I had heard fans screaming blue murder in protest too. And yet, I wonder if it's all in my head. I can find no such one off shiny blue-silver game pants the Colts wore for a single home game. The silver gray pants with the single silver blue stripe and the horseshoe logo on the hip they ware earlier- sure, no problem. But there is no proof that the other pants ever existed in any capacity. Not on the drawing board, not as a proposal, no pictures, no footage, not in practice, nothing.
  2. He looks like he's one sailor cap away from chasing the Ghostbusters.
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