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  1. Is it possible that is being done to get rid of existing stock before manufacturing ones with the logos stitched on? I have no idea if that is easier for a manufacturer than stitching them onto the existing caps they have on stock
  2. While I'm not a fan of this change you have to kind of figure it was inevitable. They've had the company logos on jerseys for a long time, if I'm New Era why shouldn't I get my logo on the cap?
  4. So Jets will just wear their regular white jerseys and pants but with a white facemask and plain white socks in Buffalo this Thursday? Haven't seen anything that contradicts that and the Jets seem to be making a big fuss about the helmet. Wonder why they decided against the white decal.
  5. Interesting in that it looks much more "throwbackish" than the chromed out Jets logo for last year's color rush. Could the jerseys be a little more retro inspired this year rather than more modern? I guess we'll know soon enough
  6. Interesting to see whether the Jets white jersey would utilize the lighter green they used last year or just be a white Jersey accented by their darker shade they currently use.
  7. Anyone know any info about this?
  8. Because that flavor of the month fad died in the 90's and with players wearing the pyjama look that would be head to toe grey.We're talking about a cap being worn with the blue alt jersey so the uniform would not be head to toe grey. I'd chose that fad any day over the more recent one of making alternate caps with the same color crown and bill as the primary cap with a different or outlined logo. Red Sox hanging sox cap and the Pirates alt with the white outline come to mind.
  9. Most will probably disagree but if they feel the need to have an alternate hat for the road blues why not a grey crown/blue bill cap like the royals wore in the late 90s?
  10. Well stated. Sometimes I feel like people discuss the Mets pinstripes ignoring this history. If after 50 plus years the Mets introduced pinstripes for the first time given how iconic it is across town it wouldnt make sense. But the Mets now have 53 seasons of history. Is it all pretty? No, most of its not but they still have their own history and it includes pinstriped home uniforms.
  11. This logo is hideousI think it actually looks substantially better as a patch than the image did.
  12. The only one I like is the Marlins one with the three color approach. The other ones are trash. But, since MLB is so inclined to wear special game hats for the ASG, maybe they would model them after the 1960's home cap: That one says Reds to me moreso than the pillbox. When I think of pillbox in the MLB I think of the Pirates.
  13. I'm with you 100%. Even from a merchandising point of view if they wore their team's BP the rest of the sport's fans would be exposed to a cap maybe they hadn't seen before. I think the main reason we're seeing the S&S caps with the star around the logo and this as the All-Star BP cap is because they're just running out of ideas.
  14. What size are you looking for? There is a nice one in 7 1/2 up on Ebay for a good price. Old stock pops up once in awhile there. Vintage Old School Cincinnati REDS New Era Pro Model Fitted Hat-7 1/2 NWT, NOS There's a second collection on Lids called "High Crown Legacy Collection" that has this one. Not sure if by flat logo you meant in terms of the raised embroidery or just without the shadow underneath but this one isn't as flat as the white pinstriped cap.
  15. I liked the black when it first started in the late 90s but they got carried away with it and muddled up their entire look. They could have had their black alt with the two tone cap as it was originally introduced and it would have run its course for at least a few hours without effecting the rest of the uniform. Instead the next season they added the 2nd black cap, put black drop shadows on the white and grey jerseys and started wearing the two tone cap exclusively on the road and very often at home. It especially should never have been worn with the pinstripes which they occasionally did. For me that's what helped me grow to hate the black altogether and want to see it jetissoned from their look. I nevertheless will have great memories of the Mets in black from 1999, 2000 and 2006 because they had a number of great moments wearing them including the 2006 clincher and grand slam single in 1999.