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  1. Is it possible that is being done to get rid of existing stock before manufacturing ones with the logos stitched on? I have no idea if that is easier for a manufacturer than stitching them onto the existing caps they have on stock
  2. While I'm not a fan of this change you have to kind of figure it was inevitable. They've had the company logos on jerseys for a long time, if I'm New Era why shouldn't I get my logo on the cap?
  3. http://nflshop.frgimages.com/FFImage/thumb.aspx?i=/productImages%2f_2475000%2fff_2475478_full.jpg&w=600
  4. So Jets will just wear their regular white jerseys and pants but with a white facemask and plain white socks in Buffalo this Thursday? Haven't seen anything that contradicts that and the Jets seem to be making a big fuss about the helmet. Wonder why they decided against the white decal.
  5. Interesting in that it looks much more "throwbackish" than the chromed out Jets logo for last year's color rush. Could the jerseys be a little more retro inspired this year rather than more modern? I guess we'll know soon enough
  6. Interesting to see whether the Jets white jersey would utilize the lighter green they used last year or just be a white Jersey accented by their darker shade they currently use.
  7. Anyone know any info about this?
  8. Been trying to find one of these. Missed out on eBay a few months back and am regretting it
  9. Do you know where I can download that Mets road font or is your sig a custom job? I wanted to mock up All-Star BPs for next year and see how 'National' and 'American' would look in that font.

  10. Mid-1990's road Mets BP jersey, blue with "New York" in gray. I've never seen one for sale, Shea sold the black version only.
  11. I saw the picture of the Mets retired numbers was one from before they added 'Shea' to the wall so here is a picture from this season. Going back to the discussion regarding teams using proper fonts, logos, and colors from a particular era notice that the retired numbers now have a black drop shadow. Obviously Casey Stengel, Gil Hodges and Tom Seaver never wore jerseys with this drop shadow. I really have no idea why they decided to do this but I think it's ridiculous and hope it is corrected at Citi Field.
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