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  1. They’ve painted the Patriots end zone and sideline already (along with the NFL and SB logos) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs6VaNQh9Mn/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=671yragwdcwp
  2. No, you can also buy authentic soccer uniforms. I believe Nike's Vapor Match and Adidas' adizero are the exact same as on-field.
  3. I'm very similar to Sykotyk in terms of what I collect. Whenever I travel, I always try to catch some game. Baseball and basketball have been the easiest to catch (really because of the quantity) and then hockey. Football I haven't really developed a system for yet since I rarely ever catch a football game unless I specifically travel for it. But, usually, I always try to get a program/yearbook/media guide. These have definitely been the longest lasting keepsakes. I also usually get a shirt from the team store as well. Then, I usually get a team-branded ball/puck/mini-bat (baseball/hockey), or scarf (soccer). Basketball is a little bit all over the place. I've got random things (mini-hoops, other trinkets) that I've lost. Programs/yearsbooks/media guides/ticket stubs have been the ones that have survived the years.
  4. I love this thread. I've been an avid mini helmet collector. I don't have access to all of them, so some of them will be off of memory (they're in a storage unit in Portland and I'm getting settled in Seattle). Pictures will come later. Here's what I have: Denison University custom Revo Ohio University Revo **wife's two alma mater's** Michigan revo (my alma mater) Michigan QB style Seattle Seahawks current QB style Seattle Seahawks 00's QB style Seattle Seahawks 80s/90s QB style Seahawks SB champs Revo Seahawks/Broncos/SB48 Revo (I attended SB 48, so I commemorated it that way) Patriots/Eagles/SB39 QB style (Ditto as above) 90s/00s 49ers, Current Giants, Old Vikings, Colts (Blue Facemask), Old Rams, SB34, SB32 (Elway signed), Old U-Washington, Old Seahawks--all old style (thick facemask) Cowboys mini-helmet tape dispenser/office supply holder Old 49ers mini-helmet piggy bank Current Pocket Pros for all NFL teams Gumball mini-helmets for all 30 90s teams **Planning on getting** Complete set of 32 NFL mini-helmets/display cases once I'm fully settled (will have the weekly matchups, etc.) for my office NCAA Pocket Pros for the 5 major conferences Full-size Michigan and Seahawks authentic helmets
  5. That will happen. The last two years, the four teams (Saints, Chargers, Dolphins, Giants) all had their bye weeks after the London game.
  6. I was actually thinking about this last night before the Blazers-Rockets game. Since I just moved here and got season tix to the Blazers, I was thinking about how for the Playoffs, ASG, Finals, etc, that I would probably get my seat. But then I thought to myself, there is no way an All-Star Game will be held here. Portland is a really small town. It's not really a city. Also, the nightlife is really non-existent. There is a lack of quality hotels. As an outsider, I really wouldn't want to vacation to Portland. I definately can see why it hasn't got the All-Star Game yet. Really, same reason why Sacramento hasn't recently (if ever?).
  7. Thats progress from last year. Last year, the game was played in Dolphins Stadium on Madden.
  8. No way. I was really disappointed when I saw in in person. I thought they were going to use their regular jerseys, a la the Phoenix Suns.
  9. I love the new court. Our last one was very bland. No color at all, and really hard to watch.
  10. The University of Michigan has a few "Maize Outs" each year. Usually the 3rd and 4th home games of the season. Hasn't reached the field yet (and hopefully, never will).
  11. Did not see this mentioned in the thread yet... The Blazers' players are using a motto of "15=16" for the year. http://mikebarrettsblog.blogspot.com/2008/...your-marks.html
  12. Is there anything like this for college football? I'd love to see when I get Michigan games out here.
  13. This might be the cricket fan in me, and me being an optimist, but, I really feel that with the removal of baseball, cricket might be included in the near future. The reason I say this is because the 20/20 version is gaining immense popularity around the world. (Btw, 20/20 basically shortens the match to about the length of a baseball game, and increases the excitement because players take more risks on offense and the game has a higher scoring rate). Even with one stadium, I think the format could work. I envision two groups of 5 (8 test nations, maybe a Great Britain team, and a qualifying tournament for the last spot). A round robin means there would be 20 matches. They could play 2 matches a day, while alternating between the groups (they wouldn't have to switch between men and women like volleyball or water polo) each day, so that would take ten days. Top two teams in each group make semis. Give them an off day, then play the semis, and then another off-day, and play the bronze medal and gold medal matches. That's a 14 day tournament. I think a barometer to see when it would be included would be the Commonwealth Games. It got rejected from the 2010 Games in 2006, because they were not in favor of the 20/20 format, and wanted the ODI format, which the organizers rejected. I think the movement to include it in the Olympics would really begin when the 20/20 format is adopted by the Commonwealth Games. Also, about the West Indies, each of the countries has their own team (they play in the Stanford 20/20), so I envision them contesting a tournament to send a few representatives to the Olympic qualifying tournament.
  14. The NBA does make you pay full price. For my Blazers tickets I had to pay the same price for 44 games (41 reg season+3 preseason). Proportionally though, it is much lower than the NFL.
  15. Oh, I am super excited. I spent an hour at work just looking over the schedule and putting it in my Outlook. Interestingly enough, the two games I was most looking forward to (Knicks-fav. team, and OKC-spent my teenagerhood in Seattle) are back to back in February. Should be alot of fun!