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  1. Do you have any plans to finish the USFL teams? These look great!
  2. Where are you guys seeing the secondary logos for Houston and LA?
  3. I have a feeling the red, light blue and black logo might be for the Houston team. The light blue and red would be a nod to the Oilers (I think another member may have mentioned this earlier). I also wouldn’t be surprised if they went with the name Wildcatters since it was a finalist name during the Texans naming process and is a fitting name for the city (similar to Oilers).
  4. I just hope the pants have regular stripes that extend from top to bottom and not abbreviated, pointed or curved striping (or some kind of wording). Oh, and no side panels please.
  5. Those look really cool See Red. Would love to see your 2nd jersey ideas for the other teams. Have you made the white jersey combo that Memphis wore week 1?
  6. The Panthers are wearing black socks with their white tops/pants today. I don’t recall ever seeing them wear this combo before.
  7. Anyone know if Nike will be selling the color rush jerseys in the Elite series? All i see for Buffalo and the Jets are the limited jerseys.
  8. I'm thinking the helmet may stay pewter with a chrome orange mask and an increased presence of orange in the uniform. The Seahawks bright green seems to be very popular, so I could see Nike incorporating more orange in the Bucs' set. Would also make an orange alternate work better. Just a thought.
  9. I would like to see this logo as well- would someone mind PMing me too? Thanks in advance.
  10. The shape of the middle "stripe" on the sleeve looks like the top of the space needle (to me anyway). wonder if that was done on purpose.
  11. Orakpo's been hanging out with the Geico caveman too much. It's starting to affect his grammar.
  12. Showtime, not sure if you are allowed to answer any of these, but I'll throw them out there: 1. Any idea if the helmets are metallic, or have a color shift like the Jags? 2. Does the striping/feather design include any of the green - especially on the helmet? Does it fit in with their helmet logo? 3. Would you say the change is an overall improvement from what they have now? From what you said about the pattern replacing the stripes, I envision Colorado State's horn pattern that they have on their sleeves. Anyways, thanks for giving us the subtle hints. Kinda makes the anticipation grow.
  13. I bet the stripe says "We want the ball and we're gonna score!"
  14. Those look EXACTLY like the thirds that Colorwerx mocked up 3 or 4 years ago when the Cardinals did their design. Look good!
  15. Guys, I created style guides for 4 of the 5 1995 expansion teams. A few of the details had to be a best guess, such as the Bombers road jerseys. Let me know if I have anything incorrect.
  16. Very cool that you acquired a uniform set for the Bombers - can't wait to see them. Sometime around 1995/1996 I spoke with a guy at Riddell who stated he helped design one of the helmets for the Bombers. He said the helmet would be metallic white, with navy stripes (in the same style the Titans have), a navy mask, and the logo that we've seen floating around. One thing he said about the uniform is that the pants had "Baltimore" or "Bombers" written down the side in between stripes. Not sure if this was true or not.
  17. This may end up being the last Super Bowl ever played. The labor dispute may cause a cancellation of the 2011 season, and the end of the world is coming in December of 2012....
  18. I actually have the new Jaguars new proline helmet, and the teal glitter is really only noticeable when light is shined directly on the helmet (out in the sun, spotlight, etc). I have to say it looks really nice, and they included the effect on the facemask as well. Kevin
  19. Anyone know if they will be making these jerseys available in authentics too? I REALLY want an authentic - one of my favorite jerseys from when I was a kid.
  20. Gosh, I hope they don't wear these with the red pants. The stripes on the red pants won't match with the side stripes on the sweater. I'm thinking they are doing what the Hurricanes did, and have an all black set.
  21. So there is at least one change in the NFL this year - the Jags have new white pants.
  22. All of these look really, really good. It's nice to have someone documenting these. One thing I noticed - the Oregon white helmets should have faint red flames on it, similar to the silver flames on the yellow helmet. Keep up the good work! Kevin
  23. What color facemask are they using on the yellow and white helmets? Is it black or green? Kinda hard to tell. Thanks guys.