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    Well, in some cases yes. However the .eps format has changed with each release of Illustrator and will flatten when opened in Photoshop.
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    Not a problem, I hope that the templates work out for people who don't have access to Adobe's stuff. I know what it's like trying to work around not having Illustrator and Photoshop. (And how expensive they are...) I'd be interested in knowing whether or not the actual layers work out OK with SVG, otherwise I may have to install X11 and get Inkscape and readjust things.
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    It won't open in AI CS2 because it was created in AI CS3, I found that out today. There is a section of code in the actual file (if you open it in a text editor you will find it labeled ForeignObject I think) removing everything in that tag will let you open it in CS2....however... To make things easier I decided to post all of the templates from HockeyWidgets.com (my site) in all three versions of AI, PSD, and SVG. All 7 jersey styles can be found here for those who have contacted me about them:
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    Question, will all SVG files exported from Illustrator actually open in programs like Inkscape? I don't actually have it since I have Illustrator, however I have encountered problem opening SVG files in CS2 that were created in CS3. To give you an example the following file was exported from Illustrator CS3: The SVG file can be downloaded here: Edge Template SVG File (zip) Can someone confirm that the file is both useable and has the proper structure with layers etc? Much obliged.
  5. For those who are wondering the only template I have for these currently is a vector one using about 6-7 layers in Illustrator, I will probably make it available on my site in the coming weeks along with the CCM version. I'll see if I can workout a Photoshop version as well. If you are simply interested in a blank version of the Edge one: As someone mentioned via a link, I have a database of these on my site, if anyone decides to use the template to make their own for any non-NHL teams feel free to send them along and I'll be glad to add them.
  6. Thanks again for all the work you put into doing these fonts, they get more use then you could ever imagine.
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