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  1. In my opinion, nothing will beat Tshimanga Biakabutuka. I used to play as the Panthers on NFL Blitz just so I could hear the announcers say his name really fast over and over again.
  2. I'm a Torontonian who has been to Bills games at Ralph Wilson and Rogers Centre. Both options aren't very good. The atmosphere and tailgating scene in Buffalo is fantastic... but having the stadium in the middle of a residential area in Orchard Park is bizarre and hard to get to. It's old and creeky, the amenities are really really bad. It takes forever to get home... and if it snows, forget about it. Just dumping a game in a not-so-big, stuffy, poorly lit living room like the Rogers Centre isn't the answer either. I think they assumed that there were enough Bills fans in Toronto to create a good atmosphere without much effort. They were wrong. I know for certain that Toronto would support an NFL team if they moved permanently, but I don't want to see that happen. The Bills, in order to stay in Buffalo, need to embrace Canadian fans with their own. - Build a new stadium in Niagara Falls, NY near the border. It'll rejuvenate the American side of the falls (which is run down), while making it far easier for Canadian fans into the stadium. Buffalonians will have to travel a little father, though. - Advertise and expand their Charter Bus programs for Toronto & Hamilton fans. - Promote the Bills throughout Toronto and Hamilton. Get the Toronto media to cover the Bills with the other major Toronto teams. Invest on building the fanbase in Southern Ontario. - Build a team that MAKES THE PLAYOFFS for once. Team success is the best way to generate buzz. That's my solution.
  3. I was surprised to see them too after seeing the old ones make an appearance this year already. As for the numbers, because they are screen printed, custom typefaces make no difference in cost. It's all about the amount of colors/screens that are used. Because the numbers on the practice jerseys are 1 color opposed to two color last year (and the fact they are using one color material instead of two with the side pannels) costs are dramatically cut with these new ones. Not to mention they look better. Every time I see the new helmets, I love them more and more. And surprisingly, after hating the addition of the black face mask, I don't even notice them at all. Well, that's true to a point. I worked in a screen printing shop when I was in grad school, and we had block numders in every size in pre-cut screens. We worked with a lot of high schools, and when you ordered a jersey, we could just pop a premade screen in and go. If you ordered anything custom (not too many custom fonts at our rinky-dink screen shop in the late 80's, but lots of custom graphics) we got to charge an art fee. I'm sure you're right... to an NFL team that's peanuts, but it does make you wonder why there are teams with custom fonts who just go with block on their practice jerseys. I'm with you on the helmet. The matte finish and black mask go against my whole CCSL persona, I know, but... what can I say, it looks really good. I'm assuming each equipment manager orders a couple hundred blanks then has the numbering done at a local shop (or even in house). Given the wear and tear aspect and roster changes/etc, there's a big enough need to be able to turn around a new jersey in a couple hours. Since the numbering is done at the local level some teams probably go the simple route with the standard block #'s. Other teams must have invested in custom screens but only do single color (bears/eagles/chargers). I've always found it interesting how drastically different practice jerseys range in design and from team to team some are almost identical to game gear (9ers) while others look like they were borrowed from the local high school. Well if it's anything, the Dolphins are using their number font for their practice jerseys (in the darker shade of aqua from the old look)... they're even using shorts/football pants from the old look.
  4. Now THIS is a rare Expos uni-matchup.
  5. You're missing #4 Kyle Drabek - 2011-Present Blue Jays
  6. I am 100% in support of the recent announcement of ads on NBA jerseys... even to the extent of a soccer-style system. The grumpy old men at Uni-Watch can suck it with their #NoUniAds campaign.
  7. Every league needs a good balance of teams with classic looks that have stood the tests of time along with teams with modern looks that push the envelope. If every team looked like the New York Yankees or Green Bay Packers, it would be boring.
  8. The Detroit/Phoenix capacity comparison is utter garbage. Detroit has been a serious cup contender for about 2 decades now... and has had 80 years to build a fanbase and hockey culture. Having the weather for it certainly helps. Coyotes are going nowhere. You haters can suck it. Let their fans celebrate in peace.
  9. Did Greg Maddux always pitch with no undershirt?
  10. I know it was posted somewhere on the boards when it was unveiled (but I can't find it), but what is the new Blue Jays font? I realize the split-lettered version is custom made. Thanks!
  11. The Philadelphia 76ers by far have the ugliest, blandest uniforms in the NBA.
  12. I know I've made this clear with everyone, but I LOVED THESE. Graphite Hats Graphite Jerseys The Blue Jays squandered their chance of having a really unique colour scheme if they went with more Graphite & Blue.
  13. Does it really matter that much to you? Has this thread somehow made your life a little less enjoyable? Unfortunately, the world just isn't as neat and orderly as we'd like. On topic: I really like that Suns jersey. Actually, I was considering digging it up because I have tons of pictures of prototypes and I don't want to take the time to load them all when I'm sure they are in some thread around here somewhere. My fault. I apologize. I thought you were pulling a backseat mod thing. Back seat moderating drives me nuts. You can find a bunch of the pics here. No problem man. That link should help take care of quite a few. Thanks for sharing. Scroll to the Blue Jays section of that article, and you'll find a familiar name
  14. Great job! Thanks for the great resources!
  15. Great job Nick! Thanks a bunch!
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