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  1. ^I agree it'll be close between the A's and the Rays, but I can't see the Marlin's getting digs any time soon.
  2. ^Well I expected a change, but I see what your saying on the event as a whole. Shame, but this new project brings more to the area thank just a spike in takings. BTW this Creek thing on the old Trop site looks interesting.
  3. I like it. It looks 1000 times better than the Trop. The new downtown area looks nice too. I agree with the comments on the wiring system, not perfect, but then its another quirk to the park, just like every other park has its own features. 2 questions: Anyone know if Tropicana will take up the naming rights? Perhaps "(New) Tropicana at Al Lang"? and I wonder what impact this will have on the St. Petersburg Grand Prix?
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