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    NHL 2017-18

    I like Edmonton's jerseys. Glad the white collar from that earlier leak was trashed for a more reasonable amount of white on the collar. But man, people here hate anything new unless it's full retro. Get a grip. Change is fine.
  2. Nook

    NHL 2017-18

    Looks like the Oilers are dropping the current blue jersey from their set and wearing the orange at home in the playoffs and beyond. Also, it sounds like they're getting a new white jersey that matches the style of the orange jersey next season.
  3. Basically the theme of this thread is... "If it isn't a retro, Adidas ruined it!" I think BC is the only one that looks bad. Every other team is alright. Some people live in the past too much.
  4. Ah you're right. Ads are more centred than I thought.
  5. So nothing from Saskatchewan and Edmonton yet.
  6. Also looks like the "Redblacks" is possibly on the shoulder of the jersey? Looks like it's over an advertising patch.
  7. Hoping to see more sneak peaks. Kind of disappointed there hasn't been many yet.
  8. I'm hoping all CFL teams drop some sneak peeks.
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