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  1. Love love LOVE this new Frisco set. Putting Teddy in there is great IMO. Although the bat-swinging logo reminds me of this:
  2. The new rebrand is generally pretty good but the whole paint scheme is a hot mess because they stuck the "Southwest" wordmark amongst a sea of windows. It leaves me without a clear impression of what airline it is because I can't fully read the damn name despite it being in huge font. This is an example of where less is more IMO - the state livery jets are more effective in communicating the brand because the Southwest wordmark (though way smaller) can be read easily, with the eye attracted to the tail with bright, vibrant colors. I really wish they would go with a variant of this tail for the main scheme.
  3. Yet a few tweaks and I feel it becomes very interesting. Subway circa 1989 says hello.
  4. Yuck. Why does this make the proud Seminole look like an old white guy taking a nap?
  5. It's not funny at all, it's the way things should be. The Nationals don't play in Montreal, they play in Washington. It's not up to Washington to keep alive the legacy of a team from a city that primarily doesn't even speak the same language or have the same culture. The Expos are basically dormant until Montreal makes the conscious choice to do what it takes to bring them back, which is what Washington eventually did after 34 years of hardheadedness and incompetence. Hopefully Montreal won't take that long to bring Nos Amours home. These exhibition games are certainly a nice first step, and the Montreal Baseball Project is also doing good work in that direction.
  6. As advertised, they do look insane. IT'S KISS!!! </70sreference>
  7. Thanks Raysox - as someone who would love to use Inkscape but was baffled when first playing around with it, I am going to be watching this thread with great interest. I'm looking forward to learning from you!
  8. Yeahhh....I'm going to Carrabba's.
  9. If this was a regular MLB venue, it would probably be regarded as the worst in modern history. Way too much fair territory seating miles away and huge amounts of foul territory.Always wondered, but is there a reason why cricket grounds seem to be built with stands placed at random locations? I would think the best ones would be built like the MCG or the Docklands stadium, with stands basically equal height around the pitch. Also, why is MLB opening at the SCG? Seems like it would make more sense to play at the Sydney Showground given that it was originally built with baseball in mind.
  10. Creative, I'll give him that. Unfortunately, looking at those is like being punched in the face 32 times over with rusty brass knuckles. I'm considering filing assault charges.
  11. Basically, the first "season" was really just an excuse to show off the UFL brand rather than an actual honest attempt at a season. Hence why all the logos/uniform concepts were designed around the gaudy neon green and electric blue. The logos and uniform designs certainly got better by season 2/3, but still nothing particularly exciting or stylish. Probably the best of the bunch IMO was Sacramento. Those markets in no way deserved UFL "football". It was an embarrassment of near-epic proportions, perpetrated by a small group of people who had no idea what they were doing.
  12. It's a de-facto admission that the team should have never rebranded as the Wizards. The name was never embraced by Washington basketball fans, who have seen some dismal basketball since the Verizon/MCI Center opened in 1997. They're doing just about everything they can to de-emphasize the Wizards imagery without actually changing the name.
  13. I don't know if that's necessarily 100% true, but it does seem at the very least that it's difficult to generate sufficient ticket revenue to allow a new spring league to survive long-term. I would think that this sort of league is more for TV audiences, which makes getting a good TV deal (in term of financials, not in terms of the network exposure) even more critical.
  14. Find competent owners with deep pockets to bankroll the league who are committing to do so for at least 3 seasons. (Including all of the losses that come with the territory of running a new sports league over this time period) Dispense with the nonsense about "showcase games". It's a painfully transparent way of saying "we're not committed to actually fielding a league, we just want to test out the waters and see if we can make this work." Commit to running a full season in 2014. Pick your cities based on where you can get signed-sealed-and-delivered facility agreements with medium-to-small buildings - not just where you WISH you could get a stadium deal done - and don't announce team locations/identities until then. (That one's out of the barn now, but it's what they should have done) (As an aside...Going into the LA Coliseum with a team and somehow expect not to lose money with tiny crowds is an example of how this league is completely out of its element) Focus on hiring local teams of sports professionals to run these franchises with experience, particularly in the area of marketing and promotions. And do a damned good job of selling the league in the local markets, not on a national scale. Expecting that people will buy tickets and concessions/merchandise because you got a couple of games on ESPN isn't just nuts, it's suicidal. I could go on, but the common thread of all of these points is to build from the ground up with a steady base on which to build. This league is building from the top-down, getting national TV and trademarks/logos, but little else. The wrong way to do things IMO.
  15. Oh, so it's a less-interesting adaptatiin of the UFL approach.Just for these showcase games. If there IS a next season. This is really coming off as UFL undercapitalized, half-assed league that stumbles its way through a couple of seasons on the way to oblivion. But hey, they'll have pretty pictures of helmets to show off in press releases... The UFL was a cluster cuss without a TV deal. The UFL did have TV deals. They were on Versus for a couple of seasons, plus games were broadcast on ESPN3.
  16. Nice job so far. I think the name is great, but if you're going to have a wacky minor league name like that, it might be a good idea to have a little more distinctive logo. Doesn't need to be as wild as the Biscuits' logo, but maybe something in that vein. If you do keep this logo, I would increase its size on the white hat. Also, would suggest you adjust the kerning on the jerseys - the letters in "Biloxi" and "Bacon" seem a bit too far apart.
  17. Oh, so it's a less-interesting adaptatiin of the UFL approach.Just for these showcase games. If there IS a next season. This is really coming off as UFL undercapitalized, half-assed league that stumbles its way through a couple of seasons on the way to oblivion. But hey, they'll have pretty pictures of helmets to show off in press releases...
  18. It appears The Bird has put on a few pounds. Nice job!
  19. Your concepts are things of beauty _nxche...I especially love Soo, Erie and North Bay. Seems like it would be hard to do the OHL - you're walking a thin line between intentionally keeping a minor/junior league look while still trying to look respectable and avoid looking hokey. You're walking that line quite nicely. Kudos!
  20. Classy! I like it. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.
  21. Looks nice. IIRC, the last set of renovation/expansion plans for Wrigley had a giant building on that triangle-shaped piece. Looks like they scaled that back significantly. Wonder what's being done with the parking that's on that parcel. Is it going into an underground garage below that piece?
  22. Very nice, a stylish classic that proves less is more sometimes. Shame that Vancouver's still only a short-season class-A team, but these unis would represent the city well at the AAA or MLB level. Hope one day it happens for them.
  23. LOVE this project!!! Anaheim - This is a great logo. Disagree that the balance of the logo is wrecked by the D. Might suggest putting a bevel around the green circle in the middle, with the webbed D overlapping slightly - that would "push" the D to the front of the logo and emphasize it a little more. Arizona - Looks good, I would suggest rounding out some of the angles a bit. The angles really remind me of the 1st Coyotes logo, which is not a positive memory in my book. Atlanta - Eh. Never was a fan of combining blue with those brownish colors or the Thrashers head/beak. That aside, a dark brown or black edge around the whole thing would make it look a little more "solid". Boston - Like the additions, definitely a nice modernization of a classic. Brooklyn - It's an interesting idea, skewering the B with the anchor, but perhaps more suited for a baseball team than a hockey team. Not nearly as legible as it maybe should be for a fast-moving hockey sweater. I love the shape of the B, it's a nice way of modernizing the Brooklyn Dodgers classic.
  24. Aloha Hawai'i! Honolulu Stadium: Aloha Stadium
  25. The California Redwoods UFL team used to play at AT&T Park, they did not pull the stands on to the field, I did not know they could do that! "Used to" is a charitable term. They played exactly 2 games at AT&T Park (and one at Spartan Stadium in San Jose) before decamping for Sacramento the next season. Neither game in SFO drew over 7,000 people ANNOUNCED. The fly-by-night nature of the UFL just may have killed off any chance of the NFL having competition in our lifetimes. The terms "embarrassment", "sham" and "disgrace" don't go far enough to describe that league.