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  1. The way the tea leaves are reading now, it appears that we'll be left with an 8-school Big XII and a 14-school SEC (as well as the Pac-12 and B1G Ten staying with what they've got). The possible C*USA-Big East merger is an interesting possibility, but IMO not all the schools in C*USA will stay there, especially if they have a chance to jump to a Big XII Conference that almost certainly will be actively seeking members. Imagine the following: Big XII Conference North Division Iowa State Kansas Kansas State Memphis Oklahoma Oklahoma State South Division Baylor Houston SMU Southern Miss Texas Texas Tech Championship Game: Cowboys Stadium - Arlington, TX Big USA Conference North Division Cincinnati Connecticut East Carolina Louisville Marshall Rutgers West Virginia South Division Central Florida Rice South Florida Tulane Tulsa UAB UTEP Championship Game: EverBank Field - Jacksonville, FL
  2. Beebe's out, Big 12 may yet survive: http://tinyurl.com/BeebeOutBig12
  3. Not true on either point in certain cases. While football controls the discussion in college athletics, men's basketball and academics both are a decent part of it for certain conferences (ACC for both, Big Ten for academics only, etc).
  4. Yes! Yes! Think of the prestige that comes from losing a million dollars playing in front of 10,000 shivering people in the MagicJack Who Gives A Bowl in Random Southern Crumbling Stadiumsburg, USA. Playing in the FCS National Championship game is much better? FBS is always better than FCS, even if you have to deal with playing in the Champs Sports Bowl or whatever for a decade or more. What I mean by national profile is this: Virtually no one outside of the east coast knows what or where ODU is currently. Playing at the FBS level could put the school on national TV, giving the school a chance to make a name of itself through advertising both its athletics and academics. It'd let people all across the country know who they are. This is the reason why some FCS schools are hot to trot to make it to the FBS level (ie, Charlotte, Georgia State, UTSA, etc.).
  5. Probably so, but that could easily be accomplished by adding on to the north end zone bleachers. Further expansion could be accomplished by building decks over the current (historic) east and west stands. All good points. OTOH, FBS would give ODU a chance to play in a serious bowl game, which can help with recruiting as well as the school's national profile (both athletically and academically). The only way for schools like ODU to continue growing is to take the step to the next level - if they're ready to cover the increased costs involved. Could be, but remember that Charlotte isn't going to start playing until 2013 and even then they're only going to be at the FCS level. There's no specific date at which they'll move up to FBS and their stadium will only hold about 15,000 in the short term. It may be 5-7 years from now before they actually take the next step.
  6. SEC denies that Mizzou has been invited to the conference: http://espn.go.com/blog/sec/post?id=28515
  7. Good luck with that. They just built Robins Stadium two years ago. Very true. I think JMU or ODU would be more likely to move up to the FBS level, in all honesty. Both have facilities that would qualify. The question is whether there is the will at either school to compete at that level.
  8. Can the Spiders actually upgrade Robins Stadium to FCS standards, or is there a bigger facility off campus? At a glance, Robins Stadium seems to be somewhat difficult to expand to 20,000+ to qualify for FBS football. The stadium is boxed-in by a road on one side of the field and by a building/tennis courts on the other side. Not saying it couldn't be done, but it might be better to relinquish the stadium back to the soccer/lacrosse/track programs and build a new facility elsewhere if they are looking at joining the Big East for football.
  9. As a UVA grad, I can tell you for a fact that we are not going to the SEC (regardless of what Tech does). There would be a full-scale revolt among faculty and donors to the University if we joined a conference with such a low academic reputation. What you might not know is that athletics at Virginia, while having a long and storied history, also has been a constant battle against a sizable community of individuals who don't want the University to participate in Division I athletics AT ALL. And believe it or not, many of these people are very powerful and have a lot of connections in academia, in the administration and at the state level. The fact that we are 1-FBS and have such relatively successful non-football and non-basketball sports in that environment is quite impressive.
  10. I think BYUtv is a different animal because it's focused on the university as a whole, not just the athletics program. Also, it wasn't involved in the broadcast of BYU football until just this season (and even then, they're only doing 1 game live a year, with the rest on delay). Unlike Texas, BYU waited until AFTER they'd left the conference they were in to start using it to broadcast football games. I think that alone makes it a different situation.
  11. True. On the other hand, I wouldn't consider those olympic sports. Things like soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. etc...These are and always will be irrelevant at UT. If these teams are competing against UT-Pan American, no one's going to care. Whatever Texas does, I think it's going to be based on football #1, men's basketball #2 and prestige #3. The other sports don't really matter.
  12. Dan Beebe would have to be in charge for something that brazen to happen. Anyone else with a spine would kick Texas out completely. "You want your football independence? Fine. Have fun playing your olympic sports in the Great West conference with Texas-Pan American and Utah Valley State." True, but remember this is Texas. If it isn't played with a ball made from pig hide, it doesn't matter.
  13. I suspect they'd shut down or repurpose the channel (a la BYU's TV "network") before they allowed it to come to that. But what is most likely to happen now, IMO, is that TLN continues to exist with Texas football and basketball still on it and either: a) Texas stays in the Big XII/Big East mashup with less political power in-conference or Texas goes independent for football to prove a point and maintains conference membership in the Big XII for everything else.
  14. If the PAC is not expanding and OU is genuine about staying in the Big 12 with conditions to be met and the Big East is going to solder on minus Pitt/Syracuse + 2 new members...does this mean that conference armageddon has largely been averted?
  15. I still have no idea what Rutgers provides the ACC other than a warm body in the 16th slot. If WVU (ranked 164th in the country) isn't good enough for the ACC, how is Rutgers (ranked 143rd in the country) any better, especially with lousy football and men's basketball programs? If Notre Dame is interested, they would seem to be the best option for the ACC at this point. I would even consider going to 15 schools by taking UConn and leaving the 16th slot open until something better comes along over taking Rutgers.
  16. Word leaking now that WVU's applications to the ACC/SEC have been denied... http://twitter.com/#!/McMurphyCBS/status/116175835815350272 Also, the Big East will hold Syracuse and Pitt to the 27-month exit requirement: http://t.co/cqquolap
  17. Anyone arguing that the move to the ACC isn't a net plus for Syracuse has their head firmly implanted in their nether regions. As far as rivals go, Duke + UNC + Maryland > Villanova + St. John's + Georgetown any day of the week.
  18. Uh, Air Force is in a conference and they're a pretty competitive program. Air Force isn't an independent. I was referring to Navy and Army as the two other independent schools.
  19. Where does BYU fall in all of this? Granted, they made the decision to go independent in football, but that was before things started melting down again. If Notre Dame goes to the B1G or ACC, they'd be the only independent out there other than the service academies (who don't really count since they choose not to seriously compete). They wanted to be the Notre Dame of the West...can that sort of deal be better than trying to join a power conference like the Pac-16 or the Big-12/Big East mashup?
  20. I think it depends on the specific contract language. If it is literally specified that the Big East's TV deal (not just football, but men's basketball as well) is tied to a particular number of teams for each, then you're right. But if it pertains to just a specific number of games, I think it could be more ambiguous than you're assuming. We'd have to know what's in the contract to be able to tell.
  21. That'd make the MAC take quite a hit - Ball State, Bowling Green, Kent State, Miami(Oh.), Northern Illinois, Ohio and Toledo would be affected, as well as FIU, Idaho and Nevada-Reno. I'm not sure what that would accomplish other than making mid-tier colleges pay for stadium expansions they can't fill.
  22. Where is this information coming from? I don't see what the SEC does with their TV deal necessarily impacting the terms of the Big East's TV deal.
  23. Fair enough. I would agree that Syracuse and Pitt won't join until 2014; if for no other reason than those two schools' tie-ins to the Big East's current basketball TV deal. There's no incentive for the Big East to let them go early, IMO.
  24. The men's site will be at least 5 teams moving forward, with the addition of Syracuse. It'll be at least 7 on the women's side, as BC and VT sponsor only women's lacrosse.
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