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  1. Pretty reasonable. Basically a replay of 2003 where CUSA gets raided to fill out. The question here is since you have Rutgers in this what happens to UConn? On second thought, I swapped out Rutgers for TCU - IMO, they'd move to a conference with Baylor and Houston if it was an AQ. In this scenario, Rutgers stays with the rest of the Big East basketball schools whereever they end up (same conference or a new one) and goes football-only in another conference, probably the MAC. In any case, I think UConn is ACC-bound. No sense in staying in a conference that's as unstable as the Big East when you can easily fit into a conference that will still give you a AQ opportunity in football and has as great or greater basketball prestige as the Big East.
  2. What role do Conference USA schools play in all of this? Consider what would happen if, say, UCF, East Carolina, Houston and Southern Miss joined up with the remnants of the Big 12 (Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Iowa State) and the Big East (Louisville, Cincinnati, TCU, South Florida). You might have something like this: Eastern Division Central Florida Cincinnati East Carolina Louisville South Florida Southern Miss Western Division Baylor Houston Iowa State Kansas Kansas State TCU Not ideal, but IMO better than the mishmash the C*USA or Big East currently are. Also, it'd give both sides a chance to have a championship game (in Chicago, perhaps?) which is currently not possible in either the Big 12 or Big East.
  3. Are you referring to the school endowment or the worth of the donor base or contributions to the Athletic Fund? In any case, how rich is stinking rich?
  4. Yes, but... This scenario assumes that only football matters. But if I'm Providence/Seton Hall/Villanova/Georgetown etc., why would I care about being mashed together with a bunch of plains state schools to save a football conference that I don't participate in? Wouldn't the sensible thing to do be to split off and form our own basketball conference where the member schools have more control over what's happening in their own conference (including prestige level and revenue split)?
  5. But if the Big East were a 7-team conference, they'd lose their BCS bid. That alone would destroy the conference by lowering its stature, and potentially sending its other football schools running to conferences that would give them a chance at a BCS bowl. Even if Villanova were to opt into 1-FBS ball, would such a small school without stature in the football world be enough to keep schools like Connecticut, West Virginia and Louisville from bolting? In that scenario, bringing Villanova into the fold would be for naught. It seems like this alone would potentially force the Big East to refocus as a basketball only conference, lest they try to save both football and basketball and tear apart the conference completely by making no one happy.
  6. You're saying that the University of Texas was the direct reason for the dissolution of the SWC and potential dissolution of the Big 12?
  7. At this point, what options do the SEC have other than West Virginia? It seems like Virginia Tech, Clemson and Florida State are not options due to the increased buyout money the ACC wants to let a school leave, plus general lack of interest from those schools. Maybe Mizzou? Of course, this assumes that the SEC won't fold on their position about the Longhorn Network to get Texas in the mix. Do they really think that a conference without Texas but with the precedent of disallowing school-specific TV networks is worth more than having Texas and working out the TV revenue piece so everyone wins?
  8. Make no mistake, I'm not saying that baseball and lacrosse are going to change what the ACC does in terms of bringing in new dance partners - I'm just saying that it's going to be something the conference has to consider moving forward and for which they'll need to come up with solutions. Clearly, the ACC wins on the men's basketball side by bringing in Syracuse and Pitt. There's no question about that. Moving forward, if UConn wants to be in, I think the ACC takes them in a heartbeat - even though their football program isn't hugely strong, the basketball side makes up for that in spades. I don't really understand Rutgers - it's a good school, but their football and basketball programs are awful. Plus, the ACC now has a big foothold in the New York market with Syracuse, so I'm not sure what they'd gain by adding Rutgers. WVU makes more sense, IMO.
  9. Two other points which aren't being discussed: Bringing over Pitt right now breaks up the conference rivalry between Pitt and West Virginia. Regardless of academics (and really, with the exception of perhaps the Big Ten, who's paying attention to academics in the formation of athletics conferences these days?), West Virginia would seem to be the best fit for the ACC in terms of natural ties. Bringing them over would keep their rivalry with Pitt, plus you'd have regional tie-ins with Virginia, Virginia Tech and Maryland. The addition of Syracuse and Pitt means that there will be an odd number of teams for both baseball and men's lacrosse (Syracuse does not have a baseball team and Pitt does not have a men's lacrosse team). For lacrosse, it's probably not a big deal to have 5 schools involved, but 15 schools in baseball presents some scheduling issues. Perhaps this is another indication that the ACC isn't done expanding yet (ie, accept one more baseball school and one more non-baseball school, and ideally the same thing with men's lacrosse). Or perhaps they'd encourage Syracuse to take up baseball again and for Pitt to start men's lacrosse - the ACC has traditionally wanted all its members to field teams in its core sports.
  10. Nova could theoretically step up to FBS, but it would take a tremendous commitment on the part of the school to expand Villanova Stadium to anything remotely resembling a 1-FBS facility. And IMO, Georgetown is a no-go because there's nowhere for them to play that would qualify as a 1-FBS facility - they can't build a suitable stadium on campus because of lack of space (as a tightly-fit city university) and all the other non-college stadiums in the area are way too big. (I guess they could play at decrepit old RFK, but YOU try to recruit at the FBS level in a stadium like that...)
  11. Not sure what value geographical alignment would bring to the table here. When the ACC expanded to 2 divisions, the alignments were decidedly mixed-up to preserve rivalries within the same division. Also, the ACC chose the same alignment for both football and men's basketball - I doubt that's going to change. Assuming the ACC goes to 16, I'd expect them to do something like this: Atlantic Division Boston College Connecticut Florida State Maryland Miami Pittsburgh Syracuse West Virginia/Rutgers Coastal Division Clemson Duke Georgia Tech North Carolina NC State Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forest
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