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  1. Most common bit of speculation is a return to a white helmet with the current or Super Bowl era logo, which would allow them to wear their throwbacks again (they can't do it now because a player can only wear one helmet during the season).
  2. Mea culpa on the logos looking different, definitely down to the difference in size.
  3. Of course, not seeing them the same size could be skewing things (as well as the curve of the helmet), but the flag outline detail looks different too.
  4. It's the same. You're probably throwing yourself off by the ear hole Look at the jaw. On the helmet, the white of the bone goes almost all the way up to the cheek bones, but on the site logo, there's a lot more black in between.
  5. The logo that got put up on the official team store looks a little different than the one on that helmet:
  6. That was posted on the same Twitter feed that posted the clearly 'shopped chrome facemask helmet as a rumored designt, and Warren Sapp replied that neither was even close. Take that for what you will.
  7. The new helmet will likely be white so they avoid the issue of not being able to wear their throwback uniforms last season due to the concussion rules. With a new white helmet, they'll just need to swap out the decals to go back to Bucco Bruce.
  8. The Buccaneers posted this on their official Facebook page about half an hour ago: Definitely seems like the logo is bigger now.
  9. They also had the cheerleaders in a pretty close replica of the 1979 Swashbucklers outfits, and they ditched Captain Fear for the day and had Bucco Bruce patrolling the sidelines. Here's a thread from the official message board that has some great pics of the game: http://bbs.buccaneers.com/showthread.php?t=181937
  10. I've also seen him called the Winking Pirate and the Gay Pirate.
  11. Haven't been yet this year, but they were selling them at training camp two years ago.
  12. DailyRich

    Tampa Bay Bucs

    You could maybe mimic the current jersey and put a re-colored ship logo on the sleeve. Something like this?
  13. Maybe something like this for the Rays (in all its Paint-ed glory):
  14. Just refer to it as "the final game of the NFL season." You can't copyright a fact.