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  1. Wonder if Southern Cal will weigh in on this... Was this intended as a South Carolina rip-off?
  2. Maryland? I know I see tons more MD flags than SC flags. Matter of fact......I think I've seen the SC flag in person about 5-10 times. Biased as I may be, I have to agree with our South Carolinian brethren. As much as you see the Maryland flag around here, the palmetto and crescent motif was everywhere when I was in Charleston and Hilton Head. I even have an olive cap with a small blue oval with the palmetto and crescent that I bought in Hilton Head. I don't think you would find nearly as many hats or other articles of clothing with the Maryland flag on them as you can ones with SC flag elements (says the owner of a white polo shirt that has a crab holding a Maryland flag on the left breast). That being said, the Maryland flag is still my favorite state flag. Having lived in both Maryland and South Carolina, both flags are as popular. The Maryland flag is weaved into logos for athletic teams (Ravens, Maryland, D-III Stevenson College (formerly Villa Julie) come to mind) and events, for sure, but I'm not sure it's quite the fashion statement the South Carolina flag is. Shirts, hats, flip flops, etc. are branded with South Carolina flags, with colors sometimes customized for Clemson, Carolina, the Citadel, even the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.
  3. Here are your retail jerseys:
  4. Off the top of my head, the Yanks have no COOL BASE jerseys (neither home nor road). All of the Astros home jerseys are double-knit (pinstripes, white, brick), and they'll wear all of them this week. The Rays home jerseys, the Angels atls, the Giants homes, the Red Sox homes, the Tigers roads all look like they are normal doubleknit as well. I agree it seems like most of the teams are wearing COOL BASE this year, because a bbbbbunch of teams are now wearing the grey versions (Mets being the first last week). The material may not look good in HD, but it is super comfortable. Add to the doubleknit list the Rays' away greys, the Red Sox greys, Minnesota's greys. For some teams, it seems to be a player preference issue, like Washington, Cincinnati, the Mets, Cubs, Cardinals, and a few others. But other teams wear the Cool Base exclusively, in all uniform combos.
  5. My $0.02: looks like a college baseball jersey. An afterthought top buried in the equipment bag that a college team would wear in game 3 of a weekend series or the second game of a doubleheader, because they couldn't do any laundry on the road. Even the BP tops have more color and pop. But, the hats are a nice, classic edition. Keep the hats, lose the shirts.
  6. Wasn't that for the VT shootings? When they wore them in the regular season, the caps and jerseys had a small Virginia Tech logo on them.
  7. So do I, but if the voting goes any longer, that's a hell of a turnaround time to have a full set of uniforms ready for St. Patrick's Day.
  8. South Carolina wore Russell uniforms last year, but NFL Equipment gear for practice gear and off-field stuff.
  9. If the Indians and Rockies get to the World Series, chances are good that home whites and road greys won't appear at all.
  10. Agree with the concept that managers should have to wear the uniform top. Short-sleeve fleeces, hoodies and short-sleeve windbreakers should be no-nos, but wearing the long sleeve performance fleece seems equal to wearing the jacket (the heavy, zip-up kind) to me. And wear the fleece on the outside too; God forbid they should wear the Jim Edmonds style, with the long-sleeve windbreaker under the uniform top.
  11. Plus, South Carolina wore alternate black jerseys in that game, making it even more bizzare (I don't think Carolina even wore black unis at home, they only wore them at Mississippi State and Vandy last year).
  12. Quality of the numbers and bolts is questionable, at best. Not only the material, but the stitching.
  13. Most college baseball teams still wear these mesh jersey-style (5950 BP) hats as game caps, in one form or another (whether New Era, ProLine or The Game make them).