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  1. When did the Rays add the white outlines to the names on the gray jerseys? And when did they stop using nameplates for all their jerseys?
  2. Colorado Rockies: Hometown team, we were original season ticket holders when I was young and baseball has always been my favorite sport Denver Broncos: Hometown team Colorado Avalanche: Hometown team, I got really into hockey their first year in Colorado when they won the Cup Denver Nuggets: Admittedly I am not much of an NBA fan but I like to catch a Nuggets game every once in a while University of Arizona: My alma mater Colorado State University: My parents' alma mater and my favorite college team growing up Borussia Dortmund: I spent some time in the Ruhr area and went to a public viewing of Euro 2008 at Signal Iduna Park Pumas: I love Mexico City and I am moving there in August, I always loved the Pumas logo growing up
  3. Here are actual photos of the U of A uniforms. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5946389&id=67933909500
  4. Although I do agree on the color problem, the mountain in the background is actually the exact shape of a recognizable mountain here in Tucson, so at least it has some inspiration and isn't just clipart or anything like that.
  5. Don't think those are legit, looks like a photoshop job on a fraser davidson temp...zero different kinds of win. This is from the ZonaZoo (Arizona's student section) website (here), so I'm confident that these are legit. Trust me when I say that just because the Zona Zoo reports it, it isn't necessarily true. They're just students like me. They don't have the kinds of connections to the athletic department that would enable them to get their hands on stuff like this. True, and the ZonaZoo Crew kind of has a reputation of being pompous and uninformed sometimes. Lol
  6. On the ZonaZoo website it says this about the concept, "You may not be aware, but it sounds as if the Men?s Basketball team may be debuting new uniforms. If there?s smoke there just might be fire. Here?s a guess at what the new uniforms could look like:" So I really Don't believe that this is the exact uniform, especially because the fonts look so uninspired, and our basketball team has had the same custom font for the school name and numbers and the font from the official U of A wordmark for the player names for a long time now.
  7. I agree, but what bugs me is that the sweat from the players darkens the jersey in the back. The good thing about the heavy SODs is that they don't have this problem. As for the design, I would think that it would have to include Old Main, and maybe the wildcat head.
  8. I really don't like the logos that are still around that have the late 70s/early 80s look. Some examples: Washington State Iowa Kansas State
  9. How exactly is that a cool team name? How is "Nets" a relevant team name at all? It's like a baseball team being the New York Bases, or football team being the New York End Zones. Go 'Zones! Dead on, Vet. Though I would have used "Goal Posts" for football. I think the New York Pylons would be appropriate. It could represent both the pylons and the plural of "pile on" with some poetic license.
  10. I like the Rockies black sleeveless jerseys. I like when teams have different templates/fonts for home and road. (current Blue Jays, previous Ottawa Senators) I liked the Raptors purple jerseys with black backs. I liked the Atlanta Hawks jersey with the wings around the jersey, especially the road with the gradient. I think the Astros have the best uniform history. I wish there were 5 Astros teams and each one wore jerseys from a different era. I liked the Iverson era Sixers jerseys.
  11. Here is a picture of those Tucson jerseys if anyone has never seen them.
  12. I am too young to remember these, but my dad has a game used Tucson Toros jersey from the late 80s which is the same style, and instead of a star under the wordmark, there is a bull head. That was always my favorite jersey that he had, and I really like this look.
  13. I like it, but it seems more fitting for a Chicago team. I'm gonna have to give my endorsement for Washington Monuments. I prefer names that tie in regionally while being appropriate for a basketball team and Monuments works on both counts. Plus it derives from the name of the ownership which, unfortunately, has precedent in the NBA... although unlike Bobcats, Monuments doesn't suck. I totally agree with preferring regional nicknames, and think red, white and blue should naturally go with such a change. Monuments is cool because it says "massive, tall". At the same time, it doesn't work for me, because it also says "completely stationary". That's not a good connotation for a basketball team, and in fact the polar opposite of what I understood the inspiration for Bullets to be. Generals would be silly too, as it's synonymous with the Globetrotters and losing. Presidents would bug the crap out of me, because there's only one president at a time. I could accept Senators since the new baseball team rejected it, or even something plain as Eagles as long as it was a clear Bald Eagle, red, white and blue identity. Haha well if a team looks at their name and expects a slow moving team, John Wall will just go right by people and the connotation will be gone forever, in a sense it will be ironic.
  14. Haha I played in high school with Dexter Price, the one on the bottom. My senior year, (he was a junior), he led us to the state championship game, which we lost. But anyways I really like this look as well.
  15. Does anybody now if any of these are low profile? Because I ordered a Myrtle Beach Pelicans hat a couple of weeks ago expecting it to be wool and expecting to do a lot of work on it to fit right, but when it arrived, it was 100% polyester and low profile, so it already fits great. I would buy more hats if I was sure they were low profile to begin with.