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  1. I can't speak for what's available at the online store, but I assure you the exact logo found on the shoulder of Senators home/away jerseys is available on tons of merchandise: hats, tuques, mugs, shirts, notebooks etc. The barberpole jersey, and the logo that accompanies it was marketed as a heritage jersey prior to the Edge makeover but since then the "=O=" logo has been used on countless Ottawa Senators merchandise along with the primary logo and the less common updated profile version (which is found mostly on hats). The Senators have not put it on the front of the third because they don't want to, it doesn't get more complicated than that.
  2. Nice to see the new turn in the challenge finally taking place, it's just unfortunate that we observers of the process will not be able to see the development of the task first hand, as we did with all other challenges. But, it will make the reveals much more surprising.
  3. My thought on slang/fan/announcer nicknames for teams - if you can't say the City and the team nickname in succession, it's not jersey worthy. New York Knicks - fine. Vancouver Nucks - no. Philadelphia Phillies - fine. Ottawa Sens - no. Montreal Habs - never. Bob Cole still gets ridiculed for calling the Senators "the Ottawa Sens" on HNIC broadcasts. They are Ottawa, or the Sens, but never the Ottawa Sens.
  4. According to "Senschirp" the Senators will wear their thirds on November 22nd and make them available to the public on November 26th, however his source doesn't say anything about "unveiling" them prior to that point.
  5. No kidding, the contestants put a ton of effort into these designs and presentation, the least the judges could do is take 15 minutes out of a Wednesday to provide their opinions. The contestants are met with a strict 12pm Wednesday guideline... is it too much for the judges to have a 12-24 hour deadline after that? It's not like this contest doesn't run on a timeline. If that's too onerous, perhaps the judging panel needs to be restructured...
  6. You guys should take a cue from the real Apprentice and swap a couple contestants. Whenever one team is clearly superior, or is winning multiple challenges in a row, the Donald would ask someone to volunteer to go to the other side and turn their fortunes around. With the way these challenges have been shaping up lately, it might be a good option to keep this contest interesting and competitive.
  7. Feel free to delete this post if outside commentary is not allowed, but how exactly will the headstart work? Assuming brainstorming will be done out in the open as it has been with all previous tasks, won't the losing team be able to piece together the task guidelines even if they aren't given the specific objective until later, simply by reading the opposing team's thread? And if brainstorming is done in private to counteract this (through PM/email/messaging programmes), it takes away the ability of the judges to be able to view the entire process from conception to completion. As a curious observer of this competition, I'm intrigued to know how this could be done to ensure the winning team has a true advantage, but without sacrificing the current openness of the competition. Again, sorry if this message is inappropriate.
  8. I'm very new to Illustrator and have been finding it extremely daunting, especially the pen tool which I simply could not comprehend. But I found this tutorial reading through the thread tonight, and after 10 minutes the pen tool suddenly seems like the easiest thing in the world. Thanks a million Pat, I don't know what I would have done without you! After about an hour, still far from perfect but it's about 10000% better than where I was yesterday.
  9. The placques in the background look like an interesting read. And is that a Bruins player with yellow pants in the picture with that guy you don't know in it? Unrelated: Did you get a t-shirt? I didn't get a chance to read them, but I'm pretty sure it just explains the science behind the uniforms that they talked about back during the all-star break. 488% faster, all that stuff. There was also an old (signed) Jokinen All-Star uniform set there, to compare, which I took pictures of but didn't post. As gaudy as the design of the new socks are, you can't deny they're a huge improvement on the current ones - one day we're going to look back and wonder how players tolerated playing with knit socks well into the 2000s. Yes I got a t-shirt. It says "Sens Army: The Loud. The Proud", with the new logo. Nothing innovative but it was better than the speculation that they were just going to be off-loading shirts with the old logos. edit: oh and yes, that was a Boston player. Basically the exact opposite of their current set - yellow jersey, yellow pants, black socks. Right now they have a black jersey, black pants, and yellow socks. There's also pictures of 70s era Philly (with Bobby Clarke), early 90s Toronto (with Gilmour) and early 90s Pittsburgh (with Lemieux) Here's a better view of the Boston uni
  10. Pros: Throwback shoulder patch Stripes on the pants no piping though simplistic, the letter is a great improvement cons: disgusting socks (they don't look so bad from the front though) No attempt to stray away from a template no horizontal stripe at the bottom of the jersey All in all I'd give it about 65%, I'd give it a 75% if it weren't for the socks.
  11. Some pictures I took at the unveiling. The above uniforms on the models don't have the proper shorts though. And no, I don't know the guy in the last shot.
  12. They're both awesome, thanks so much! I'll use Oleg on another forum.
  13. These are beautiful, would it be possible to get a Daniel Alfredsson (#11) with the flat Senators logo and, if you can find a picture, Oleg Saprykin (#61) with the flat logo. Thanks a lot if you can.
  14. Your design and execution is flawless as always, but I can't help but get a major Buffalo Sabres vibe from the look of the "modern" jersey to the new crest to the more traditional third. Take out the baby blue and even the colour scheme matches it. It seems very similar to me, whether intended or not.
  15. Hahahah. GREAT design, but the soldier is just too funny looking but the design itself is beautiful even if the concept is a little, uh, busy.