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  1. Well I know last year they did not and it kinda looks like they are now, but can't really see for sure
  2. Does anyone know if the cardinals have kiss-cut numbers?
  3. They are both just fake repo junk jerseys
  4. So the numbers are easier to read for fans in the stadium. Stadiums have far different sight lines than arenas.Correct me if I'm wrong but do the majority of baseball teams not have at least 4" smaller numbers on there jerseys than what is on the back of current hockey jersey set? And I know baseball they are just standing there and much slower sport, but football has about the same size shoulder numbers as on a current sleeve of a hockey jersey.
  5. Apparently the Cards might be going back to chain stitching on the new BP jerseys this year. Majestic is offering a replica and authentic line, unless it's just another way to make more money.
  6. There was never even really an issue downtown throughout the whole stupid thing. Media made the whole thing WAY more worse than it needed to be. I guess that's why the cards lost the NLCS so the World Series wouldn't be here. Sorry didn't mean to get off topic. I do hear that the Blues are pushing hard for the Classic. The Blues Hawks game would sell out in seconds, but the Hawks should not be involved in every outdoor game.
  7. Oh c'mon, there's nothing poorly-designed about that jersey, it's just not the best jersey in the Blues set anymore. Other than the roundel, what is bad on that jersey? Fair enough. I usually say that when people use the "alts are supposed to be different" line to justify crappy designs, although you're right in saying that it doesn't really apply here.Basically my main objection is that I don't want the Blues to have something new and different. The navy is too bland, and the lack of white - especially with the numbets - breaks too far from tradition. This jersey was fine in their last set because of how brutal the primaries were, but now that they're back to wearing beautiful, timeless unis, I feel these are no longer necessary. They'll go away in time. Their current set is brand new, I'm not surprised they let the old 3rd linger, softens the transition (See: Lightning, Hurricanes). Next season it'll probably get dropped, then they'll add something new then or a season or two after that. I would agree with that. They have dropped them on Saturday games (always been big hockey night in St. Louis).....looks like they moved them to Thursday's (and less of crowds)
  8. Wait when did the switch from the all black socks.
  9. I would assume it'll be the same styke as DK 57 and JH 32. Man this is such horrible news.
  10. Hopefully the Blues do not sport the thirds tonight and we get to see a nice jersey matchup against the Hawks. Pipe dream, but man it would be nice to see the Blues in white and Hawks in red.
  11. Here is that Hawks logo I was talking about. I guess just like anything else they could have different versions for certain things.
  12. Do you have all those logos in that book? Cause the jersey logos for the Cardinals on the main site has many holes. I took pics of all of these at the Cardinals HOF and Museum, but they are obviously through glass and on an angle.
  13. The Black is still on there...I posted all of the correct Royals' primary marks earlier in the thread. Another example of "official" graphics not always being in sync with what's actually worn. Oh - and vector graphics really didn't exist until the early '90s.I also have seen this problem with the Hawks logo, I'm recreating the blues initial innaugural game ticket from the kiel center and it has a completely different Hawks logo than any of the ones I have. It's has the more pointed eye, white outline around the earing, different hair shape and kinda minor head dress issues. I'll try to post a pic later