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  1. I like the new neckline and the trim fit, but the white trim on the numbers is inexplicable. It doesn't add anything aesthetically, and it clashes with both the 'New York' wordmark on the home jersey and the numbers on the away jersey (which lack a similar white outline). The Rockets seem to have added a similar superfluous white outline to their numbers. It never surprises me anymore when Adidas makes a mess of a uniform.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the Knicks Facebook page today gave a sneak peek of the new-style Adidas uniforms for this season.
  3. Those patches look atrocious. Essentially, they're the same design as those worn by the Jets, except the Jets' look much better, having taken the time to actually cut the patch to match the shape of the design. Really lazy work, IMO - they look like those cheap, shoddy sponsor patches most teams wear on their practice jerseys.
  4. Ugh, what a bush-league execution of what could have been a really nice updating that pays respect to tradition. No matter how authentic those jerseys may be, they will always look like cheap, poorly-made replicas.
  5. I agree that it would be logical to connect March "Madness" with the restoration of order. But I have a hard time believing that had Butler prevailed, we would be seeing the same slogan on a Butler t-shirt. It makes sense in the context of Duke's basketball history - they are a traditional hoops power that hasn't won a title in 9 years, so upon winning again, it could be said that "order has been restored." Combine that fact with their arrogance and entitlement, and it just all adds up to being Duke-specific. That said, I AM a Duke-hater (Go Tar Heels!), so I could just be biased. But I believe my instinct is correct.
  6. I think Nike's playing the "After three weeks of Madness..." card here. I doubt it's supposed to be overly arrogant. And I think any Nike team would have that same slogan on merchandise if they won the championship. I would have to respectfully disagree. The sense of entitlement exhibited by Dookies is mind-boggling.
  7. Origin of the University Colors As symbols of unity among Carolina students, alumni, and fans, the school colors of light blue and white were first used around 1800 to distinguish between members of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Literary Societies. Throughout the nineteenth century, students were required to be members of either the Di or the Phi. The Di's color was light blue, and the Phi's was white. At University commencements, balls, and other social events, the student officials, managers, and marshals wore the color of their society, blue or white. Because the Chief Marshal or Chief Ball Manager represented the whole student body, not just his society, he wore both colors. When the University fielded its first intercollegiate athletic teams in 1888, the question of what colors to wear had already been answered. Light blue and white had come to symbolize membership in the University, not in a single society. Light blue and white have been considered the University's colors for more than a century. With the tradition so firmly established, a popular bumper sticker states that God must be a Tar Heel because he made the sky Carolina Blue! Source: http://www.unc.edu/about/traditions.html U-N-C! Go Heels Go! Class of 2005
  8. Here's a "behind-the-scenes" video of the Liverpool unveiling.
  9. This just screams "Women's Basketball" to me. Also notable: late in the game, with a short bench, Seattle broke out a 4-man lineup to prevent jeopardizing the redshirt status of one of its players.
  10. Very cool idea. I, for one, love the jacket. If I were a Syracuse fan, I'd be tempted to buy it. As it stands, I'll probably head down to the Nike Sportswear shop in Manhattan and see if I can check it out.
  11. I think the Chan Gailey hiring is proof enough that Mr. Wilson doesn't plan on doing anything good for the team before he passes on . . .
  12. Why, oh why, must those damn three stripes be on everything Adidas touches?!?! David Stern has always steadfastly refused to allow manufacturer logos on game jerseys, yet ever since Adidas took over, there have been three stripes on the All-Star jerseys ever year, plus this year the Adidas logo also appears on the chest. I think Adidas is about the worst thing that has ever happened to sports uniform design. I also think all of these "exclusivity" deals are terrible. Oh yeah - and these uniforms are way too busy. I liked it better when the All-Star jerseys were in the thematic colors of that year's All-Star game (as opposed to always being blue/white or red/white).
  13. drj983

    Black Hawks

    Really awesome logos, man. This is coming from someone who really loves the current logo enough to wear a Blackhawks hat around town despite having no allegiance to the team. Honest question, here: Is the secondary logo meant to be a silhouette of a hawk?
  14. drj983

    Black Hawks

    I believe the player you're thinking of is Louis Sockalexis.
  15. In most cases, it is. In this case, it is, but with a slight twist - his user name replaces "For" with "4" and "To' with "2."