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  1. Re: the new OKC white jersey — I think it would look so much better with the collegiate treatment of the number in between the two words.
  2. Promotion and relegation coming to professional football in the U.S.?
  3. The biggest issue I have with the Bengals’ uniforms is that they resemble those of the Browns too closely. By simply eliminating the orange, to me it makes a huge difference.
  4. The Buffaslug kinda looks like Donald Trump’s hairdo.
  5. I’m actually thinking more like Washington Federals 2.0
  6. Runner on first. Pitcher gets the sign from the catcher. “And OUT of the stretch he comes!”
  7. Highly unpopular opinion: I would love to see the Yankees adopt their Spring Training jerseys, minus the patches, as alternate jerseys.
  8. Re-colored Vegas Golden Knights jerseys
  9. Based on the images from Lightning practice, along with the previously-leaked blank jersey, this is how I envision the new alternate uniforms will look like.
  10. I’m a news reporter in DFW, and I covered the news conference announcing Globe Life Park as the repurposed home of the XFL. They announced a multi-year deal for the Dallas XFL team to play at Globe Life Park (which will be retrofitted to accommodate a football field).
  11. Dallas’ XFL team will be playing in a repurposed Globe Life Park, not the new Globe Life Field.
  12. Here are some things I could see them doing: - Reversing the color of the tomahawk, making it predominantly blue - Adding a number to the front of the jersey - Making the NOB red w/blue trim - Removing the NOB from the home jersey