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  1. The point I’m making is if the NHL promises to keep ads off the jerseys, I can live with them being on the helmets.
  2. When you go to your local team store, you most likely will be shopping for a jersey and not a helmet.
  3. How about if the Bengals removed the stripes from their pants altogether and replaced them with the “B” monogram at the top?
  4. Yellow River... Yellow River...
  5. It’s neon green. It symbolizes the neon green that’s prominent in our nighttime skyline.
  6. Bobby Orr never played for the Oilers.
  7. Gifford Nielsen led the Oilers to a massive upset win over the Chargers in the 1979 AFC Divisional Playoff.
  8. The Falcons’ face masks are actually silver, which matches the outline around the logo.
  9. Are they changing their name because their fans are called Snapperheads? (I’ll see myself out the door now.)
  10. How to get a song stuck in one’s head in one image. At the car wash Workin’ at the car wash, yeah
  11. At this point, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Washington’s NFL team will get a new nickname, as early as this coming week. But with training camps opening later this month, there will be no time to create new uniforms. So especially since minimalism is in, how about these as temporary uniforms?
  12. Yes, they most certainly would!
  13. Here's my concept for the renamed Washington Generals of the NFL. What do you think?
  14. Back when those uniforms were unveiled, the Diamondbacks didn’t have any players yet. So they had members of the co-owned Suns model them.
  15. Based on the enhanced teaser image, this is what I'm afraid will be unveiled today: However, if the Patriots do it right IMHO, this is what they would introduce:
  16. One of these is not like the other:
  17. Given the fact that their current logo is plastered all over Texas Live, I strongly doubt it. I will find out on Wednesday.
  18. Breaking news: The Rangers will unveil new uniforms at an event at the almost-completed Globe Life Field on Wednesday. I’ll be covering it for my radio station.
  19. Anyobe notice that Maliek Collins (96) is wearing different pants than his teammates?
  20. Re: the new OKC white jersey — I think it would look so much better with the collegiate treatment of the number in between the two words.
  21. Promotion and relegation coming to professional football in the U.S.?
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