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  1. Sorry for the long delay, been a very busy couple weeks...Anyway, knocked out the rest: Tigers: Longhorns: Chiefs Royals Wichita State Taking more requests! I should be able to make them on a more regular basis.
  2. Yes, will whip these up for you guys tomorrow morning...just a heads up.
  3. DaRadniz19 - Hope you're happy with it: fouhy12 - Coming right up...
  4. Decided to follow the semi-new fad of creating iPhone lockscreen wallpapers as well as doing avatars. I followed an online tutorial and wanted to test it with sports logos and I'm satisfied with how it came out. I guess I'd describe it as kind of a 'medallion' effect. Here's a preview of both: Avatar: Lockscreen wallpaper (Click for full size): If you guys are interested, here's how you can request: - Pick outside, mid, and inside color of your liking (e.g. Jags outside stroke = gold, mid = teal, inside = teal. - Pick background color of your liking (only applies to lock screen wallpapers) Taking requests for any and all sports. Thanks!
  5. HisAirness24


    That's it right there, full of win (or should I say Lin? Sorry, couldn't help it). Great creativity.
  6. Like the update and also like your first one there. The SA interlocking logo is also well-done. Either of them would work for me, good stuff.
  7. If the Spurs were to get an alternate, THIS is what it should look like. Nice work there man. It pays homage to the retro unis and also gives off the modern vibe with that V-like collar. Also like the creativity on the secondary. Not sure if this would come out right, but if you could somehow maybe keep the alamo and work the surrounding area to spell out "SA" or create a basketball or something in there it could really stand out nicely, since the Spurs primary/partial doesn't have a basketball anywhere on the logo. But I'm liking the whole thing and it's definitely one San Anton should consider adopting sometime soon.
  8. Thanks for the comments and critiques guys. Yeah my decision to use the Western-looking font was an ode to their old logo - something to go along these lines: I did try my best to change the positioning of the circle so it can be better centered under the wordmark. Speaking of that, I tried going a slightly different direction with the font, attempting to make it more modern and "Warrior" looking, although it might not be as warrior-esque as what you guys were suggesting. Also decided to make an alternate (of course GS is famous for their gold alts) and fixed a couple minor things with the logos. All in all, I took some of your guys' suggestions and did what I could from there. Appreciate the feedback.
  9. Hey all, don't post concepts here much but I felt up for modernizing the Warriors 70s/80s logos and unis. I tried to incorporate a lot of the uniform and logo elements of that era along a little bit of today's iteration and spent some time tweaking it to look more 'up to date' I guess you can call it. C&C Always appreciated. Thanks.
  10. If you could do a Lakers one with the primary logo I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Glimpse of the new Sixers court for 09-10. At around 0:43-0:54. Looks nice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGcI7hYmtfI&feature=player_embedded#t=43
  12. Jazz concept was flawless, and now this one is almost there. The alt. needs some white in there, maybe a white stroke instead of blue for the numbers and wordmark? And I know you said you wanted to keep the home & away templates current and intact, but I think it would be a nice touch if you go with the alternate template for the home and away - to me it would look more "wizard-like". Still like your upgrades though.