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  1. This is still my favorite look for Seattle. The unique shade of blue with just a hint of neon green and the navy socks = chef kiss. I'm not a monochrome guy either! As for the Rams, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think this is when they looked their best. They fairly quickly destroyed the look with the white and blue pants. I always hated how the helmet and jersey blues didn't match in the classic Rams look, if they had it would have been my number one instead.
  2. The new city flag craze has moved to Tampa. Nothing official yet, but locals have finally realized that the current look is not great. All of those proposed replacements are pretty bad.
  3. Just noticed that they are chrome. Terrible.
  4. The four “local delicacies” I associate most with TB are grouper sandwich, Cuban sandwich, stone crab claws (the worst crab), or smoked fish dip. I don’t really know of a good hyper local dessert. I’d probably go with Key Lime pie, though I’d say that’s more of a Key West thing.
  5. I’m only going to make one prediction... orange pants will be shown, they will never be worn.
  6. Something I just realized. Teams with the same base shell helmet color have only met three times in 55 Super Bowls. Jets-Colts, Panthers-Patriots, and Broncos-Seahawks. That’s a useless factoid for you!
  7. Los Angeles vs. Green Bay Baltimore vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Kansas City Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans
  8. Smaller city with a shrinking population that already has two major league teams and the Pirates. Everybody throwing out cities like Louisville and Kansas City is kidding theirselves. Seattle is clearly choice one, followed by Vegas with Vancouver as a distant third. That is it. If, and this is a big IF, San Diego had an arena they would jump to second or third in line.
  9. Absolutely! For years I would grade the Ravens unis as a D. The purple pants makes them a solid B. I even like the mono purple, so long as the socks remain black.
  10. Indianapolis vs. Buffalo Los Angeles vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. Washington Baltimore vs. Tennessee Chicago vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
  11. Miami vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Minnesota vs. Detroit Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay NY Jets vs. New England Dallas vs. NY Giants Las Vegas vs. Denver Arizona vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. San Francisco LA Chargers vs. Kansas City New Orleans vs. Carolina Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Chicago Washington vs. Philadelphia
  12. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Tampa Bay vs. Detroit San Francisco vs. Arizona Miami vs. Las Vegas Cleveland vs. NY Jets Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Baltimore Cincinnati vs. Houston Chicago vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Washington Denver vs. LA Chargers LA Rams vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas Tennessee vs. Green Bay Buffalo vs. New England
  13. GUD currently shows the Bengals are wearing orange jersey/black pants/orange socks this week, a look they haven't sported since 2004, the first year of the current uniform. Is this confirmed? If so, kudos to the Bengals for making the most out of their terrible look.