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  1. I'm sure I have posted this before a couple of hundred posts ago, but the current Brewers look (before they changed the pants) is the best they've ever had. The wheat hat is soooooo much better then BiG could ever hope to be. I wouldn't mind a return to royal and yellow though. This logo could still work in those colors!
  2. Just slap an image of Jose Gaspar on there and be done with it!
  3. Flipping through TV I happened to catch some highlights from last NFL season when it dawned on me that my favorite Ravens combo is black jersey/purple pants. I hated the black jersey previously, hate the black pants too. They definitely need some updates, and I typically hate teams ditching a nice bright color like purple for black. However, when the Ravens finally do modernize, I kinda hope they go B/B/P/B. Of course, pairing purple socks with the black pants would probably be just as good.
  4. They did just that once they stopped wearing the red socks with the navy pants.
  5. Sticking with the A-B-C home uniform with white helmets.
  6. Apologizes in advance if I should have put this in the Lounge instead. I moved cross country to Portland about 5 months ago and have really been enjoying all of the wonderful things that the PNW has to offer. To branch out even more I was thinking of going to a CFB game sometime this fall. My question for the experts is, would you rather catch a game at OSU or UO? I would have either my entire family with me or at least my 7yo girl, meaning that the game would only be part of the day trip. How would you rate things like stadium/gameday atmosphere, college town appeal, and other sites around the two towns? Thanks!
  7. The only decent name that’s been floated about is Emeralds, IMO. Kraken is bad, Sockeyes is worse.
  8. I guess they aren't changing the name of that park then.
  9. The black set is garbage. Everything else is a solid B-. White socks with the green pants would bump it up to a B.
  10. The only thing I really dislike about these are the sock options. 20+ years of teams matching solid socks with the same color pants needs to end.
  11. BiG was a cute logo in its day, but the M with the wheat is the best cap logo the Brewers have ever had, IMO. Bring back royal and yellow, sure. Leave BiG to throwbacks.
  12. I could be wrong, but this has to be the fastest turn around between Championship game Sunday and the field already being painted with photos online. I remember past years hoping the end zones would be visible during media day and being disappointed.
  13. To be fair, in the Rams’ three Super Bowl appearances they had yellow end zones in two of them. The only time they used blue (navy) was after changing to their 2000s look. History would point towards a yellow end zone for this year. I’m hoping for Rams-Chiefs. Could be one of the best Super Bowl matchups of all time, even if I don’t like the Rams helmet being navy rather then royal. (Yes, I know it is historical accurate.)
  14. Have we seen a shot of the pants yet? Are there stripes or are they plain white/gray?
  15. If they wore the orange socks with the black pants it would look 1000% better. A quick search shows that they haven’t done that since a 2006 preseason game. And the orange jersey, black pants, orange socks look hasn’t appeared since 2004.