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  1. I became irrational excited when I saw the announcement this morning. I'll happily pay the $99. I don't think I've visited another sports website since they all left Deadspin.
  2. That name is blah, but logo, colors and jersey are all great.
  3. Of the front runners my preference would be Krakens, followed by Sockeyes, then Kraken. Still holding out hope for Emeralds... it could happen... right?
  4. I honestly believe that the “bone” jersey might be the worst look in NFL history. Possibly the worst look in the history of highest level North American sports. The digital clock Bucs weren’t this bad! The Wildwing sweater at least had the good sense to only be an alternate.
  5. I prefer the flag as well, but I think it would be too cluttered with everything on there.
  6. Drop the flag, keep the skull and crossed swords, add Bucco Bruce’s feathered hat. A true blending of eras.
  7. Anybody else have a bad feeling that all of the teams changing this offseason (Rams, Browns, Falcons, and Bucs) are going to swing too hard in the over simplified direction, á la the Jaguars?
  8. Any chant would have to be “Let’s Get Kraken!” Clap clap clapclapclap. All of the Krakheads, filling the Krakden with this chant will be a sight to see! I am now 100% for this awful name being picked.
  9. I think my biggest gripe with the name Kraken isn't that its a mythological beast with little association to the area or even that it is a non plural team name, but rather it is a singular creature. This would be like naming your hockey team the Tusla Godzilla. How about the Boise Harry Potter? However, I did a little (very little) more research into the name and discovered an English language usage message board discussing if Kraken can be pluralized. The users there cited ancient Norwegian standards, common standards, and the way that would translate into English to determine that Kraken CAN be pluralized as Krakens. They cited uses in more recent SciFi and Fantasy novels as well including one about a Galactic Football League that used Krakens as a team name. Kraken is a nonstarter for me, but I think I could live with Krakens. Go Emeralds!
  10. Is that a new hat as well? Unless my eyes are playing tricks it appears to have a yellow outline instead of white.
  11. With the Chiefs appearing to use a yellow end zone the trend continues. Secondary color yellow teams have now used it 24 times compared to just 5 times using their primary color.
  12. Does this mean that the camo jerseys are gone‽ I'm guessing not, but one can hope.
  13. The only one of those I don't like is Sockeyes. Emeralds is my number one; followed by Sea Lions, Raniers and Cougars in that order. I nice double green set would be awesome.