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  1. They make me nostalgic for my childhood.... unfortunately I don't think they were selling this particular cap otherwise I'd be all over it.
  2. I would imagine since they are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the '89 "Why Not?" team that nearly went last to first. Confirmed by a t-shirt giveaway and former players making an appearance.
  3. So will only the players get the quality USA-made caps? Or will they make them for retail too...
  4. I'm sorry but if a flippin' feather is considered too offensive, then I don't know what the heck is 'acceptable' anymore. There has got to be some imagery that is considered respectful for the 21st century. The Spokane Indians use feathers in their logos, I say go for it.
  5. On Orioles' Twitter account, there are images of Buck Showalter wearing an all-black cap with the orange 'B' from the O's road 'Baltimore' jerseys. Has a New Era logo on the side and may be made from a different material. Could be our first look at the 2018 BP caps.
  6. Lovin' that M's hat. Also please confirm: is there a bat in the logo on the Orioles' BP cap? Or did they just recycle last year's design....
  7. My head is still spinning, all these moves are somewhat unusual. The good: The ST jerseys no longer have wacky stripes and colored panels and weirdo necklines. The bad: For teams that have new designs this year, it's as if their new alternates (such as Houston and Tampa and even Minnesota) were designed to look like BP/ST jerseys. They're not terrible but just very plain or have some design flaws. EDIT: Actually the TB one blows as a regular season alt, they failed on that one pretty bad.
  8. Of all the wildness seen in the set, the incomplete sleeve piping is driving me crazy.
  9. Who designed this, Nike and the NFL? My God, those sleeves.........
  10. That's pretty much what I've heard. It sounds like some teams are making changes that fit better with their classic look and will be ditching the gimmicks such as alt colored bills for teams that have never had them before the DE rebrand. Some teams are making somewhat natural transitions that make sense with their branding and will be different but nothing drastic. Others are gonna be total headscratchers with color placement and logo usage and will look awful. One team in particular is going to look TERRIBLE with their new BP set. Again, this is all word of mouth, but I've never known this particular source to be way off on stuff like this. So it's not just BP caps but new BP jerseys coming up as well?
  11. I don't think Germans are a huge fan of this slogan What a lame and irrelevant comment. Yeah, let's compare Germany's history to a sports uniform. I get what this site is about, but sometimes you guys can go really over the top with things. Just going for a couple of laughs. Oh well, swing and a miss. I tried.I thought it was funny. Ditto. I didn't think it was over the top.
  12. There are a lot of new name/uniform concepts out there for the 'Skins (and a lot of painfully awful ones at that) but this is hands down the best one I've ever seen! Love the balance you've come up with on the jerseys (the white one looks so much better than their current one) and bravo on reintroducing the burgundy pants. Even the Redhawks moniker is solid and not a far cry from their current nickname. I'm not a huge advocate of a name change but after seeing this I would not mind one bit.
  13. Well, the REDSKINS don't play in the nation's capital, they play in Landover, so nothing needs to happen. Problem solved.Yep. Problem solved. Go yourself. All class aren't you? The Redskins (that's the name of the team) seriously do need to go back to the 70th anniversary unis. I'm also kinda tired of the gold/yellow/whatever color pants they wear with the white jerseys on the road, I actually miss the burgundy pants...such a staple for them during their glory years.
  14. Just bought this a few months ago too, I feel the same way.... Love it! It's my first Ebbets cap and it is way more comfortable than any 5950 I've ever worn. Would love to see the flagship store one day. How would you guys compare the fit between this and a New Era 59FIFTY? Do the sizes fit about the same between brands? I've been so close to pulling the trigger on an EFF cap for awhile now, but hate purchasing a brand I've never tried on.The Ebbets caps are not as deep in fit which means the crown is not high like the boxy NE crowns (thank goodness) and the bill lays slightly higher up on the forehead depending on how you wear your caps. In my humble opinion, the soft, unstructured backing of the crown makes Ebbets caps softer and less tight on my forehead than NE caps. No more red lines! Their caps also feel lighter and less stiff than NE brands.