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  1. Just say NO to all-white socks.
  2. Forget for a moment even reading the script of MLB teams' uniforms from far away.... For 29 teams, we can see the team colors on the front and back.
  3. I guess this is his latest crusade? It's his column so he can do what he wants I guess. But it feels like he's going out of the way to make a point, especially when many have considered KC to have some of the best uniforms in the league. Washington also had fine looking uniforms and I'm sure many thought they were great on their own even if they didn't like the name. You do you, Paul.
  4. This is a bizarre and non-traditional "season".... No fans were there to roar when the team's very first championship flag was raised or to see the rings passed out in person. I say go for it.
  5. Didn't mind the Diamondbacks last set since they cleaned up some of it from past years but this year's versions aren't bad either. Looks like the Nats are still wearing their gold trimmed championship uniforms and caps.
  6. Might as well remind everyone you're the champs after a worldwide pandemic and national unrest. Not my favorite but it would sure beat the stars and stripes garbage from last year.
  7. With the gold trim or just the new alternate home whites?
  8. Why did they use photos with clearly different uniform striping and socks?
  9. I don't know, I feel like this is a sore point in today's world. I'd stay away.
  10. So what looks better, "Red Wolves" or "Redwolves"? No team in the NFL has a two-name identity and neither do most major American sports leagues. I can think of Red Sox and White Sox at the top of my head. Vegas Golden Knights. Minnesota Timberwolves. I think I prefer one name.
  11. MOD EDIT I love that now moderators are actually directing us towards the Washington name change discussion. What a difference a week makes. Redtails is interesting and clever but ultimately the criticism that it's too 'narrow' and has a loose connection to the DC area at best has a lot of local fans pushing it aside in favor of 'Redwolves' least that's what I'm hearing from this region.
  12. I also think about how the new nickname sounds within the NFC East even if that's not the most important aspect: Cowboys Eagles Giants Warriors Cowboys Eagles Giants Redtails
  13. My Sean Taylor jersey says 'Redskins' in small lettering on the front. But everyone in the DC area knows (or should know) who he was and why such a jersey means a lot to DC fans. I don't think people will get too hung up on the small letters.....they better not at least. His death hit hard and I will never forget that day.