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  1. They should have pulled 'an Angels' and included their 'A' logo on there at least 3 times. In case we, you know, forgot who the team was.
  2. It's better to assume the worst about players and people and their intentions. Right?
  3. The Cleveland Mooses! Meese! Meeses. Whatever....
  4. Washington needs a nickname, period. As a fan, I still refer to them by the old name with my family members and close friends for one simple reason- saying 'Washington Football Team' or just plain 'Washington' is either a mouthful to say or just comes across as cold/lifeless. A new nickname will most likely suck but at least it's an identity. One that I will happily get behind and use and buy merchandise.
  5. Are we expecting new batting practice caps again this season?
  6. Rundown of Washington Football Team's president Jason Wright's comments on the radio today: -Burgundy and gold is staying as team colors -Name should connect to area or history of the club (basically be meaningful to the fanbase and not some random name) -Research shows that fans want an identity that conveys a "sense of aggression, of boldness, of edginess" -New name will most likely be announced AFTER the 2021 season
  7. Yes they did, but considering it was a very shortened season and there were no live Nats fans to celebrate and enjoy the ring ceremony and other festivities, I think the unique circumstances were an appropriate backdrop for trying something new.
  8. Has there ever been a good all-red uniform in any sport? Soccer maybe, NHL's Red Wings too. Baseball (gag) and football don't seem to work for mono-red.
  9. All-white unis down to the socks is the stupidest football uniform look ever and I will go to my grave believing that....
  10. Sigh, the 'modern' era.... Better than having no sports at all. Although places like the CC message boards will suddenly lose interest because every athlete looks like a Nascar onesie suit.
  11. Dan Snyder is the owner of my supposed favorite football team. There is no such thing as irrational fear when considering what he'll do next.
  12. Steelers and Packers apparently have lousy uniforms .... you all care to elaborate? I'd take them every time over Rams/Falcons/Patriots/Cardinals/whatever Saints are doing
  13. I predict that the "Wolfskins" will do away with throwbacks starting with the first year of their rebrand and add a black or grey alternate instead. Danny Boy considered adding more black years ago and I could seem him forcing it in there because, you know, it's Snyder.
  14. Surprisingly informative interview. Good to hear they might have a name by spring (even if we the public won't hear about it until later in the year) As a 'fan' of this team, calling them the 'Football Team' would be absolutely ridiculous and annoying. It was funny for this year but no way should that name be permanent. I'm confident that will not happen. Also, I hate to break it to Native American groups but they do not hold some special claim to the name Warriors.....every single culture and group of human beings that have walked this earth can make a connection to that name. Not that I prefer they go that route........
  15. The "Wolfskins" and Bears don't look bad in all-white but with the 'icy' look sweeping college and the NFL, I really don't want more teams adopting that look. And the WFT and Bears happen to actually wear (GASP) contrasting white socks with STRIPES with their team color pants. A rarity which I appreciate.
  16. That makes sense. That is mostly likely the case, which I will not mock. And nothing beats nostalgia....heck, even the Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes were feeling nostalgic for a rather, um, interesting design.
  17. Yes but with those white unis, the Colts will actually wear (GASP!!!!!).......... BLUE SOCKS!! What a novel idea!!!
  18. For YEARS, this place screamed for the Mets' black jerseys and caps to be kicked to the curb. And now, because of boredom or something, we suddenly want them back?? After they made the World Series in their classic unis too. I'm scratching my head.
  19. I never thought I'd utter the words: I Miss Reebok.
  20. Just say NO to all-white socks.