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  1. And to the contrary I was finally sold on them watching them in action last night.
  2. Finally buy out Jack Johnson, to turn around and sign a cheaper Jack Johnson.
  3. I've always loved that logo, and the '96 third is still my favorite uniform the franchise has worn. But the updated skating penguin on the athletic gold triangle just nicks this now. If we were still in the vegas gold days, Robo-Pen wins in a runaway.
  4. The question has been how many games can't be played each day because of court swapping. Arena scheduling leaves a crew about four hours or so to change the event floor from basketball to hockey on a two event day, so maybe it takes two hours to just change a floor, that leaves an arena only hosting at best three games a day if first tip is 11am?
  5. Where do you store 22 floors? And it seems you limit the number of games you can play a day if you have to deal with the downtime of swapping floors after every one of them.
  6. Along these lines, since every game is going to be neutral site, let teams declare a primary, secondary, tertiary, and let them wear their best uniform as often as possible.
  7. Let's be fair here, the Pirates built a small ball park because they sucked for years before it was built and no one was showing up. Having maybe 20k at a Bucs game in Three Rivers that held 50k wasn't a good look. So they turned around and designed their 'small intimate ballpark'. It's the same end point Snyder is going towards with FedEx, just coming in from a different direction, by removing half the upper bowl for the same reason. Now, credit where it's due. PNC is a fantastically designed building, and the Pirates and HOK deserves all the praise they've gotten for how it turned out. But if they were a better drawing team that stadium would have been built with a club level with an additional 5,000 seats.
  8. Sometime ago I did a quick mock up and all I did was take the current logo and delete the red stripes out of it and it was immediately 100% better, I thought. Those stripes are enough to ruin the whole thing.
  9. The obvious side effects of having live sideline interviews during play
  10. At least the game in Denver is being played, and now apparently one daughter was on board
  11. TMZ is reporting that he is survived by his kids
  12. For shame that you didn't post a photo of what they had to do to that lettering to get Konowalchuk's name on the back when he wore it.
  13. Chara has had a dispensation to the uniform and stick rules for years because of his height.
  14. I don't have the disdain for him and his broadcast partners now that I did in the 90s when Fox was competing against ESPN, but I still don't enjoy listening to him call a game. McGuire can single handedly ruin any broadcast he shows up on, and we are all better for him getting bumped from the A crew. I'm neutral on Edzo on NBC national until he starts talking about his pony racing. I usually have no problem tuning into a NBCS Chicago game to hear him paired with Foley though, and he used to work well with Mike Lange. Accepting Gary Thorne as a national hockey broadcaster is not going to happen again, I'd take Gord, his broadcasts are usually pretty good.
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