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  1. Yeah, they at least need stripes on the helmets that match the corresponding pant stripe pattern. Still getting used to the goofy number font too. Wish we didn't get a custom font (or it matched the "Baylor" better). Gold/Green/Gold is pretty much everyone's favorite look but these are times we live in....
  2. Also, looks like Baylor is doing an official reveal / photo shoot with the different combos. C3PO helmet in action... Very big #s on back of helmets
  3. Interesting pic. Never noticed USC having goldish facemasks. The company's twitter indicates it's a new grey to gold formula so maybe it is different than that one? https://twitter.com/GreenGridiron
  4. The paw on the jersey sleeve is greatness. Do any of the pants have stripes? On some of the straight on Oregon State pics you could not see the stripes. In this case it would really only be an issue when they wear the gold helmets. Looks like they've removed the stripes from the white helmets so I'm guessing the pants have no stripes??? Edit: Just found out the answer. Nice!
  5. Baylor new unis. Solid new home and away sets. Love how the bear paw is built into sleeve. May need to workshop that alt a bit/ shades of black/gray/green look a bit off (plus helmet combos). Not sure about the number font either. Looks like a custom one. Anyone know if that's been used by another school? http://www.baylorfan...display.php?f=6
  6. https://twitter.com/Coach_Riley/status/308773717826207744/photo/1
  7. These 2008 unis are Baylor's best set ever. I'm glad to see we at least moved a bit closer to them....
  8. Not bad Baylor! So Cal, ISU, Kansas, all rumored to have white helmets this year. Baylor unveils theirs. Is white the black of 2011? Doesn't bother me nearly as much as BFFS or GFFS. This is the 3rd year Baylor has used those white helmets. Unveiled them in the '09 season opener at Wake.
  9. Bears and Bears???? BU doesn't have the pull to get a custom Nike design. Better they copy Cal, than Mizzou (same conference).
  10. Baylor checks in with new unis... huge upgrade from the Mizzou template they had the last 2 years... LINK
  11. Baylor added green pants to the mix this year. They now have 3 different colored pants and jerseys. They went with gold jerseys and green pants for media day:
  12. I think taking out the unnecessary black accents to the jerseys would have made them way better, but overall better than I expected (even if it's an old Nike template) Has anyone used an all gold alternate uniform before?
  13. http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/m-footbl...071609aaa.html#
  14. Baylor is going to the throwbacks they wore for homecoming last year (including the striped socks), full time this year. The players requested the old school look. The bottom right is the throwback, others are what they used to wear. I like the simple unis better.