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  1. This seems like a decent idea that is poorly executed. The script decal seems small and awkward given the helmet model. However, if this means there is a possibility of those horrid lime green alternate jerseys going away then I'm all for it.
  2. Even though the word mark seems to be lower on the chest then it should be, those uniforms are SO much better than anything Miami was worn with Adidas.
  3. I've been a HUGE fan of these logos since the rebrand in 2016, but this one isn't as strong as the others. The diamond in the background as a baseball vibe to it and the brackets come across as goal posts to me. Hopefully it will grow on me with time.
  4. Not bad compared to the current version, but this logo sure went down hill fast after their sponsorship with Tostitos ended.
  5. I LOVE THESE! I do not care that the panels looked crammed onto the template, or the piping is different at the bottom of the shorts. I am just happy that Duke looks like Duke again. I've waited 15 years for this look to come back. If you are a fan of the Blue Jays or Mets, you should completely understand how I feel about these.
  6. Get rid of the unnecessary rule that runs beneath the word mark and you have a gem of a primary logo
  7. This layout is a thing of beauty. The NCAA has been killing it the last couple of years with the Final Four logos and court designs.
  8. Does anyone know why Duke has been wearing their hyper elite uniforms from the 2015 Final Four recently?
  9. The blue hat on the "day of the dead" t shirt is
  10. Is anyone else watching the Army/Navy game and hoping someone at under armor or ucla is seeing how good Army's number font looks?
  11. Not so funny anymore, WImbush is playing and the green jerseys are happening
  12. I was excited to see what these were going to be. Sadly I'm disappointed for what was unveiled and for the memory of what Oregon use to be. It seems like there is no standard for creativity or innovation like their use to be.
  13. I really like what I've seen from IU so far. IF, and this is a huge IF, Indiana can keep there new look clean and simple, they will have one of the best uniforms in the BigTen.
  14. Nice! This will be one of the best looking games this weekend.
  15. As a life long resident of Indiana, I can appreciate the branding but I don't care for the uniforms. These look like the result of a one night stand between the Golden St. Warriors and Marquette basketball uniforms.
  16. Sorry for the poor quality of the screen shot, but it looks like Duke has changed the font for the numbers and player names.
  17. Well according to Duke's Gameday post on social media they will be wearing the blue faxbacks tonight at FSU. This will be the first time blue of any template will have been worn by Duke.
  18. Well, Let's hope they stick with the faxbacks for the home and the road for the rest of the year. It's the closet thing to classic 1990-2004 look that we'll get. I also liked last year's black uniform with white numbers and lettering better too.
  19. Thanks, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, their season hasn't lived up to the headline yet.
  20. These are sad. I felt like Oregon jumped the shark last season with the multiple templates and helmet decals. Now it looks like they've been devoured and thrown up by the shark. This is clearly not the Oregon I became a fan of back in 2009. I'm starting to wonder if the uniqueness and innovation of their uniforms left with Mariotta after the 2014 season. Hopefully the rest of season isn't this bad.
  21. I'm unaware of any kind of official poster done by the program, but this is my Notre Dame poster that I designed for my own personal use.
  22. Looks like Notre dame has changed the number font on their jerseys going to a more narrow font.
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