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  1. This is really my only gripe. There's only 16 games and having to wear one over the other means one less game for the other. I think the navy is superb, whereas the royal looks like it was thrown in because someone couldn't make up their mind. Otherwise, I love everything about this. Love the font, love the color choices, love the yellow freaking pants. Some modern elements, some old elements and very much on brand. As a Patriots fan, it pains me that they couldn't manage an update the way the Chargers did.
  2. Because there is no consensus and people like complaining.
  3. No, it's a pushback against people who believe every team should have a block font and shoulder or sleeve stripes and grey facemasks. A traditionalist feels the need to have every new uniform conform to some rigid idea of "football back in my day" and some warped sense of nostalgia. Also, if you can't see the difference between the roughriders jerseys and the jets then any team in green and black will look the same to you.
  4. After watching these in action all last season, I still think they look great. The traditionalists won't like these for another 20 years, when Adidas or Under Armor change the jerseys and they start pining for these. These will be classics if the Jets ever win anything. The other recent Jets jerseys bore me to tears. Disclaimer: I'm from Boston and a Pats fan and it physically pains me to give the Jets credit for anything.
  5. Man if you could pull the reactions when those gradients came out LMFAO...... such venom
  6. This forum sometimes man.... I swear people just want to complain just to do it. I can't wait for 5 years from now when everyone starts pining for last year's jersey even though I know for a fact everyone was bitching about the last set when reebok released them. Anyway, Things I like: - Custom font that matches the brand identity - ATL wordmark across the chest, reinforcing the matching font style - The side stripe (as long as they match the pant) - Otherwise, clean yet distinct design Things I don't like: - The number are a touch too big - Please don't mismatch the stripe
  7. I mean, that was basically my experience. "Hey, they did a nice job cleannnnOOOOOMG WHY DID THEY DO THAT?!?!"
  8. Couldn't agree more. Great color palette. Unique but not distracting number font. Excellent sleeve logo. Great balance. Great striped without over-doing it. My favorite NFL uniforms of all time.
  9. The owl was part of the clubs first few crests up until 1970?ish. I thought it would be an interesting compliment.
  10. I just think they've had enough interesting design elements in their crests over the years that they didn't need to rely on a logo of someone hitting their chest. It looks like a team catalogue logo.
  11. OK, so I took the advice of some and scratched the idea of an owl being used for Leeds. Oldham Athletic has a desperate need for a new badge.
  12. It's just weird that they didn't incorporate the York rose somewhere in there.
  13. Damnit! While I like the Bruins single outline I'm super bummed about the switch to black socks.