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  1. Their 65/65 which is what the site allows at most. So thats the size I made them at.
  2. These are some avatars I've made. I'll take suggestions to make them better
  3. I like that dolphin a lot better it looks more mean and intense.
  4. Maybe if the logo was originally like that for the stars they would have kept it. Nice Job!
  5. I would go with set 1
  6. Taylor R.

    new sig

    could i get Sakic, Hejduk, Wolski, Stastny thanks!
  7. I think it's great that there trying to get a new team. The fact that they built (or are building) a arena is kinda crazy especially since Kansas City is the next city to get a NHL team. But i would love to see the Jets come back.
  8. Ducks got the Win in Game 5 with Selanne Goal in OT (I'm rooting for the Ducks cause my Avs didn't have a great year)
  9. The NHL needs more uniforms like that! Great Job
  10. I live in Minnesota and i don't think this is gonna happen the Vikings have been posting new stadium plans in their game programs for years now and they always have been competing with the twins thinking there gonna get it over them but they didn't it may be a few more years at least before they would probably start that
  11. It's good but you can't read where it says washington on the logo
  12. the only reason i'm gonna say i dont like this is because i love their old main logo on the front
  13. I'm a huge Stanford fan so i'm glad they made it but i'm surprised they got a 11 seed
  14. i think the road logo should also be on the home jersey