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  1. yeah to add to that, i think new era actually has a very strong lifestyle brand. like, wearing a 5950 means something to a bunch of different demographics. not that i'm sure if they switched to fanatics and that's the only way you could get your favorite team's fitted cap that people wouldn't just buy the fanatics version. but i do think MLB and new era's relationship is a symbiotic one.
  2. no, not diamond era (or hex era or whatever they're calling it nowadays). we're talking poly blend front two panels, trucker mesh for the back four.
  3. it was removed from youtube. uni watch originally ran the link as part of its ticker.
  4. that's cool. NBA jerseys can be purchased with or without. and guess what? some people actually want the ad patch bc it adds to the authenticity. i, too, would rather buy a retail jersey without an ad patch on it. but surprisingly, some people want them, hard as that may be to believe.
  5. also, there's new BP/ST and dugout gear coming. i don't remember if anyone saw the new era leaks on the buyer presentation youtube video from a few months back, but some of it was in there. ST/BP caps are mesh-backed.
  6. yeah, shrug. i know there's a contingent that feels that way about pinstripes. as a die-hard mets fan, i just never felt that way. when i see the pinstripe uniforms, my mind goes to footage of the '69 team. i guess it's just personal taste. if i was re-starting the franchise from scratch, i'd probably agree and do a pinstripe-less white home set. but i would object to abandoning pinstripes in favor of something like the snow whites.
  7. i'm always perplexed by the love for the snow whites. i don't really get it. i don't think it's a superior look to the pinstripes, and it's not different enough to stand out as a true alternate. both versions (with dropshadow, and the 2012-and-beyond without) never really did anything for me.
  8. back from vacay and just wanted to chime in with some mets-in-black thoughts. i was surprised how much i liked it. for one night a week, it feels special. and provided that's how it stays, i think it works. the return of the white pants was a nice surprise, and i was also happy to see so many blue undersleeves. think that really enhances things. not that this should completely dictate what we see on the field, but the black "shirseys" are virtually sold out at the stadium. i took my family to the game yesterday and the current players are basically cleaned out at the main team stores.
  9. with the full caveat that i don't really have an emotional attachment to the old identity, i think the the name and the wordmarks are fine. as everyone else has said, the 'G' logo is an abomination. i wouldn't be surprised in the least if that changes.
  10. i think that's a change for the better. also, i didn't expect that seeing jordan eberle in a kraken jersey would hurt so much.
  11. plus, if you watched the clone wars animated series, you have a completely different appreciation for the prequels. yes, the mets are wearing their best set right now. but also, the black jersey on its own for one night a week is not upsetting that, at least IMO. and the blue home alt is basically out of the rotation anyway. i guess my argument boils down to: as long as the mets don't touch their primary look and utilize as such, then i'm not going nuclear over the presence of an alternate. especially when that alt (whether it should have been there or not in the first place) has a fair significant place in franchise history (2000 pennant, NL east clincher, 10-run inning, etc.)
  12. it seems like it. in 2019, they only wore them nine times (ed rooney voice). the 2020 tracker on the mother site is only updated through 8/29 for last year, but i don't think they wore them at all in september, which would mean only three times last year. this year, i don't even think they've worn them once. with the return of the black, i'd rather them just mothball the home blue alt, then make tweaks to the road blue alt (orange lettering outlined in white, move the home alt cap to the road alt cap and ditch the existing road alt cap). i know there's historical precedence for the gray lettering on the road alts, but it's just as much gray for gray's sake as the black is BFBS.
  13. i *think* they've learned their lesson. almost all the people there in marketing and even on the equipment staff are different than who was there in the late '90s. and over the last three seasons, they've even basically eliminated their blue alternate home jersey. it's been almost all pinstripes at home. so i think they understand that their visual program should be primarily traditional. i will say, as someone who is in my mid-30s and grew up with these, i'm really excited they're back (even though THE reason i joined these boards all those years ago was to rail against the black in the mets' color scheme). if they're kept special, i think they actually are a nice little compliment to their wardrobe. of course, this all comes with the biggest caveat, because all it will take is for them to be 5-0 wearing these before they pop up in the playoffs...
  14. promotional graphic from the mets:
  15. that's a welcome change to me. the original 1998 version has the blue skyline patch, and as i'm sure you know, they often paired it with blue trim elements (sleeves, socks, belt), and i have always felt it was a stronger look. like you eluded to, back in '98, they wore it with the hybrid cap (the all black cap was introduced in 1999), but i do believe one time in '98 (with rick reed on the mound), they wore the blue caps with it. why that's relevant is because i'm pretty sure pete alonso said one time while he was campaigning for them to come back that he just wanted the black jersey back and to keep the blue elements. maybe they just go blue caps.... EDIT: scratch this. between the tri-color 'NY' being at the bottom of the teaser video, and this line from the mets' official release, i presume the all-black cap is back (it would be better if they added a blue brim to that cap): "Black T-shirts and caps and other merchandise will be available at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field starting July 30."
  16. just to visualize this idea, this is a (bad) mock up i did in paint. ignore the fact that jake is wearing 42, i was obviously working off a jackie day photo. everyone's trim/wordmark/number/letter/hat colors would change based on their parent club:
  17. just spitballing here, but what if MLB and nike tried to get the best of both worlds? they could go with a base national and american design. maybe for next year, it's white jerseys/pants for the NL, grey jersey/pants for the AL. both jerseys have contrasting front numbers in honor of the dodgers being the host. use a dodgers-inspired 'national' and 'america' wordmark, but render the script and the trim in the colors of the team that player is representing. so, say for the mets: 'national' script in royal with an orange outline. front number in orange with blue outline. hats could also be in team colors, but with 'N' and 'A' fronts. then let the players get crazy with accessories to throw in that visual flair. sort of solves two problems: 1) you get that visual rainbow that's great about the ASG/pride for hometown fans in seeing their players rep their team's colors, and 2) nike/MLB have fresh inventory to sell. and i bet they'd sell even more knowing the look would fit in among other non-ASG fan gear.
  18. i agree with this. i also feel like mono uniforms (that aren't white or gray) look worse the baggier they are.
  19. these ASG unis were obviously bad. as others have said, it really nuked the aesthetic of the game and made it feel drab. if i'm going to resign myself to the idea that AL/NL unis, are here to stay, at least do something that looks nice. i, too, am not going to automatically dismiss mono-dark colored uniforms, but the execution has to be better.
  20. FWIW, i'm totally torn on the giants. i love the home white pants, and thought that was a huge upgrade for their set. i know why the fan base loves the current roads (won 42 and 46 in them), and in a vacuum, they're fine. big upgrade over the set they replaced. it's my personal taste, but i far prefer their color rush set to the current road. all that said, i think some royal blue could be worked into the sleeve/pants striping to get the best of both worlds.
  21. haha imagine if they spent two years coming up with a name and were like, "okay, we thought about it. introducing...the washington redmen. HTTR!!!"
  22. in the video, it doesn't appear to have piping. that, plus the sheen of the jersey likely means it's an old stock video grab from someone in their BP jersey from 1999-2002. and i know i joked about that being an old vance wilson (back up catcher who wore number 3) clip. it actually looks like there's a number after the '3.' in all seriousness, that's very likely, like...mike hampton's or donne wall's torso (doesn't look like a '1' after the 3, so probably not piazza). steve cohen has eluded twice to a design being finalized; once when he announced they were coming back, and once recently on twitter. at this point, i'd be very surprised if it's the same black jersey as past years. feels like it's the perfect opportunity for nike to do their city connect alt for the mets and just release it a year early.
  23. we don't know. we don't even know if it'll be the same three-color crest/number. i wouldn't put a lot of stock in the teaser video as far as design goes.
  24. the bernard gilkey crossover was off the charts.
  25. yup. the BP jersey with that silky mesh (is it called "pro mesh?" i don't know, but whatever it is, i love it so much). that's probably like a random vance wilson shot lol tim britton (mets beat writer for the athletic) had a Q&A this afternoon, and i asked him if it's the same design or not. his response:
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