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  1. I decided to restart this series, as I have some more sparetime now. I'll really try to do all the NHL teams this time. I hope you enjoy this series. I'll post an overview of the teams in the first post soon. Here's my take on the Red Wings! What do you think? I'd really love to get some feedback! Edit: Fixed the Datsyuk-issue (sorry for that) and made the names bigger
  2. Thank you! I'm really happy I made it, it really was a tough challenge! There was some awesome work in this competition!
  3. I'll take Everton...that may be fun.
  4. Sorry about that. I now uploaded the images to Photobucket, so the problem should be fixed.
  5. Hey guys! It's a while since I did my last hockey concept but I just felt like doing something new. I'm going to try to recreate as many NHL/ AHL teams as I can. I really hope you enjoy this series. Please let me know what you think! (EDIT)
  6. KaTo

    Name That Font!

    Anybody know this font? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! I was asked to design a Play-Off-Jersey for the german first league club EHC Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg (Website). Before I submit my design to the clubs officials, I'd like to hear your opinion if there's anything that you'd change or add. Thanks in advance! Without further ado, this is my concept:
  8. Generally in the UK, hockey teams sell a fair amount of jerseys. But you hardly ever see anyone wear them on non game days. For the record, I haven't ever bought my local team's jersey. Not only do the ads and generic cliparty logo put me off buying it, but they keep changing the design every year. That and they've been through three completely different colour schemes in the past five years AND they don't know how to spell "Wayne Gretzky" correctly
  9. KaTo

    EHC Munich concept

    Hey guys! Today, I present you my Design for a EHC Munich Christmas-jersey. In entered it to an official competition, hosted by german hockey club EHC Munich. This is my concept: It would be awesome if you could vote for my design, which is Number 8. The URL is the following: Click! (The page is in German but it's pretty easy to understand ) So, please, vote for NUMBER 8 and maybe also tell your friends. You would help me so much. Thanks in adavnce!!
  10. VfL Wolfsburg: Home and away are really good. I'd bring in some white on the third kit though. SV Werder Bremen: Sorry to tell, but this is a complete fail, just as their actual kits this season. First of all, get rid of the orange. No Werder-Fan does accept this color. Then, go with a traditional design, for this traditional club. FC Nürnberg: This is a solid set. I don't like this adidas-template too much, but this is quite good and fits the club. Comment to all of your Bundesliga kits: The Bundesliga-Logo ist only worn on the right sleeve of the jersey and has been updated before this season:
  11. Yeah, they do like a contest. They started this contest-thing before last season - I ended this one second. Well, this year I won it in both of the competition (Home/ Away & Anniversay). That's the whole thing.