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  1. After seeing the detailed photos on Facebook, I still feel mixed on the new look. Need to see them in action. It also looks like they moved over to the new UA football uniform template.
  2. I believe it's the same pattern that was used on the previous uniform set at the shoulders/sleeves and the pants stripe. The thing that gets to me is Hawaii has a lot of design elements - the June Jones era introduced the new athletics logo, font, and tapa striping, which incorporated triangular elements. McMackin's era continued to use the tapa pattern, but later introduced the "tattoo" pattern, which still incorporated triangular elements, but became less angular and more rounded. Then Chow's era reintroduced the Rainbow and a whole other design element. Each design grew on me, but I hope it doesn't come to a point where all the elements are smashed together into a single uniform. On a side note, UH is working on a deal with Under Armour to outfit all of their athletics teams.
  3. Hawaii's first away jerseys with Nike had silver numbers outlined in black, which was incredibly hard to read. (sorry, the board won't allow me to use the extension to post the image). Reminds me of Florida State's issue with their recent away jerseys before they were corrected (gold numbers on white jersey to garnet on white).
  4. Under Armor has to fix the template for their pants. Traditional pant stripes look awful on their uniforms.It looks sort of like a combo retro uniform - the helmet and elements of the jersey are from the late 50s-era team (I think those were the years) while the pants are from the 80s (aside from the angled/cut-off bottom stripe due to the pants template). I like it. Maybe they'll finally win a game this season.
  5. One more...the retro look on a modern UA template. As for the lack of pants stripes on the previous concepts, I wanted to keep them simple without overwhelming the uniform with colors or becoming too gaudy, but I'll give it a try on future concepts. I'll try to avoid placing the rainbow on the butt/hamstring panel and perhaps keep them to the sides like the green stripe on the pants in the above concept.
  6. Thanks! Here are what the home and away primaries look like without the helmet stripe. Home Away
  7. OK, here are my updated concepts. I took a look at Under Armour's existing jersey template and noticed that the inserts below the shoulders from the sleeve cuffs to the collar form an arc like a rainbow (used 5 of the 7 colors). I also added a rainbow stripe along the centerline of the helmet, but left the "H" logo alone as the University chose to retain it as the school's athletic logo. Home Primary Home Alternate Away Primary Away Alternate C&C is welcomed. I'm working on a few more concepts and will post them as I can.
  8. That throwback is awesome! I could actually see that being used for an actual game.
  9. Figured I throw in my hat into the party. It's been a while since I worked on anything and forgot how to use Photoshop, so I did the following concepts in MS Paint. The design is a hybrid of sorts as I wanted to keep a blend of old and new in this concept. The "H" logo is retained as well as the current font, but I simplified it by removing the outline and other details. The rainbow is incorporated on the shoulders/sleeves of the jersey and arches from front to back, fading at the ends (kind of hard to see). The black is gone while green and white are the primary uniform colors. I simplified the template of the UA jersey, but kept the pants as is (plain with only the manufacturer and team logos). My main goal was to keep everything simple while honoring the various eras of the Hawaii football program (except for the Fighting Deans; don't really know much about that period). On to the concepts: Home Primary Home Alternate Away Primary Away Alternate
  10. Wow, I never saw those uniforms before. Must be from when they played at the old Honolulu Stadium. Hawaii is also having a "retro" night against SDSU this season wearing new uniforms from Under Armour: http://www.hawaiiath...0416135429.aspx I'd love it if they did something like this concept I did years ago: With the news of the name change, I'm guessing it's going to be the Rainbow Warrior era uniforms for the SDSU game. While I enjoyed the Warrior era with June Jones, the Rainbow Warriors brings back all the nostalgia and memories from "small kid" time. It's unique and screaming "Go 'Bows!" at the football games just sounded better than "Go Warriors!" There's some debate going on about the name change, though. Not everyone is happy, especially with a new AD at the helm. His first big move was to change the men's teams to "Warriors", but public outcry seemed to change his mind. Conspiracy theories are abound at the Sports Hawaii forum where most members appear to prefer the "Warrior" name and think that the change was a money issue where old-time donors may have threatened to pull their support. There's definitely a divide between old and young.
  11. Their old Reebok and Nike Jerseys would go jere. This uniform is balanced Here you go.
  12. Those were from Coach McMackin's first year as head coach about 3 or 4 years ago. Not sure what the school has in store for the athletic branding/naming of the teams (Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors, Rainbow Wahine, Warriors). The new AD, Ben Jay, was hoping to look into unifying the athletic teams to minimize confusion with their names. There was a buzz going on last year when Norm Chow was hired as the new football coach and called the team the Rainbow Warriors.
  13. Hawaii's wearing the Wounded Warrior uniforms tonight against UNLV. Don't really care for the helmet and uniform. UNLV on the other hand, looks great. So far Hawaii's only got one win this season (and against an FCS opponent). Maybe this will help them: *photo from the Warrior Beat.
  14. Not sure if this was mentioned, but Hawaii wore their green jerseys for the first time this season (of the current UA design) this past Saturday. Since Norm Chow became the head coach, he removed the player's names from the back of the jersey and for this past game had "Imua" in its place (Hawaiian for "go forward") in huge honking letters. I also noticed that the under shirt has the "tattoo" design on the sleeves, just like the shoulders and odd pants panel. *Photos from the Nakoa website.
  15. Oh boy. I'll just keep on telling myself that the proceeds are going to a great cause. I wish they'd at least use the team's number fonts