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  1. The Super Bowl XLIV hats remind me of the Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII hat: I wonder if the Super Bowl XLIV hats are adjustable or stretch fit?
  2. So Madden NFL 10 is out now. Are there any pictures or videos out that show most, or all of the teams? I searched YouTube, and only found the Patriots jersey options.
  3. The Jaguars new home jersey (teal) is just awesome. My only problem with it is the gold trim around the "Jaguars" script. It also needs to be worn with black pants.
  4. Do you think they will have them in size L/XL? I hope One Size Fits All would fit me if the Steelers win.
  5. Speaking of AFC/NFC logos, why didn't the NFL update/create new Wild Card and Divisional logos when they made those horrible Championship Game logos?
  6. A thread I started over a year ago got bumped! WOW.
  7. Here ya' go. It's on the second page. Those are possibly the only two pictures in existence.
  8. I know they have worn the red "T" hat but have they ever worn the black billed hat (pics please)?
  9. [insert Team Here] vs. Penguins at the Mellon Arena (with roof opened if they can get it working again), PNC Park or Heinz Field.
  10. These are the best hats ever, by far. I found about 10 Astros brick red ones at Big Lots for $3.00 US each 2 years ago in size 7 7/8 my head size!
  11. Do you think we'll see the Jets with White/Green?
  12. In my mind, the top two are about as right as right can be. True, the Steelers have won every Super Bowl they've appeared in (as have the Niners)...but the Cowboys have also appeared in more of them than any other team since the merger--and still won five. (If they somehow manage to win it this season...that top spot is on lock for definite.) No they haven't. That Super Bowl never happened. I try not to think about that...
  13. I wish but no. But they have lost three including 2 to the Steelers in the same decade.
  14. The Steelers should switch spots with the Cowboys.