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  1. for all the talk of the NHL needing to “expand the game” and get back on ESPN and keep up with the absolutely booming profits and massive popularity of the other big 4 leagues.... i mean this is the ugly truth of doing so in the age of consumerism and especially so in pandemic times when everyone is home craving sports and entertainment. sure, maximizing profits of an already multi-million (billion) dollar business is greedy, but like others have said what are they supposed to do? keep taking the hit, after already taking a mike tyson combo from covid? no, the owners are gonna try and recoup money where they can and keep primping their giant investment of buying a professional hockey team. i dont agree with the methods in an aesthetic sense, but it’s what needs to be done. would ESPN want the new TV contract if their weren’t sufficient ad opportunities? will all the excess money funneled into the NFL be good for the NHL if it were diverted to them? lots of people are pointing to this incessant greed because the franchises and owners are already worth so much, but you’d have to be blind if you think the current values and liquidity aren’t going downward
  2. looks like they’re using the newer shade of teal and current number font.... lame on the numbers I really like the original
  3. great success, heritage jersey returns. gotta take the bad collar with the good i suppose
  4. Interesting, I wonder why the official winter classic logo decided to go in the direction it did. although inaccuracies like that are fairly common in throwback stuff
  5. wait, did the blues ever actually use the retro blue note with the angled bulb at the top of this page? The mothership shows a flattened bulb on the original jerseys and it seems a little bigger, I could be wrong. the winter classic seems like the angle is exaggerated compared to the actual original
  6. Nameplate/captain's patch font is the font they've been using on their marketing stuff for the past few years and the numbers were inline like the Blue Jays... I wonder if this was a test drive for potential changes or just a one-off, it wasn't like there was a particularly special event. Also, the fin logo was absolutely massive
  7. 95% sure the color of the draft hats are reflective of the color of a team's home helmet although some of them create some wishful thinking
  8. Sharks putting the new logo introduced last year on the shoulders I'm assuming
  9. The Sharks' practice jerseys are normally blank on the back other than when they have special holiday themed jerseys that they auction off. The number font looks like it could pair with the new secondary logos they released earlier this year. But that NOB looks awful
  10. that.... makes a lot more sense. regardless, the jerseys themselves remind me a lot of CU
  11. reminds me a lot of the Colorado makeover... the numbers, the jersey/pants combos, just cleaning up from the previous set. any coincidence that theyre both buffalo mascots?
  12. Normally I would agree that I would get used to the front numbers after a couple games/weeks, but this rule seems to state that the back numbers are remaining there as well. That's just far too much clutter in several already cluttered designs. I'm all for eliminating front numbers on the sweaters themselves, but this seems like too much. Put 'em on the sides like the Chargers and put the logo where the back numbers are currently if two sets are REALLY needed.
  13. The equipment manager of the Wild just tweeted pictures of helmets with numbers on the front in effect day 1 of the regular season. He says its a new NHL rule to help with the media and refs... are you serious? Can't link to it on my phone but look up @styleswild on twitter to see them. A big phat wtf to the NHL.
  14. I would thicken the stitches in the 'P' and ditch the warped nameplate. It looks good on the script, but it's a little much on the nameplate, plus it may be hard to know what the word is if reading it.
  15. I think you should thicken and connect the lines within the triton/Space Needle logo, because it looks a bit incomplete. Otherwise, I like the morph, even if like Milo said it has two different subjects.