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  1. So... Your second best example is a city that does NOT have a team again...
  2. Damn!!! That is so much better then the original/current. Also better then the unused... Get this to the Senators... ASAP!!!
  3. They should have done black lower sleeves and a wide black hem stripe on the away jersey... Would have been even better then the original. And still a perfect match for the home...
  4. Quick and dirty mock up. This is perfect.
  5. For me it really depends on whether they consider it a dark (home) jersey, or light (away) jersey. Yellow used to be light (Kings, Bruins, Penguins) but now apparently it is dark (Predators)...
  6. To help reinforce their point?
  7. So what you are telling me is they screwed it up and the home and away will not have the same striping with only a body colour sway...
  8. As a kid it always bothered me that the (then) eoad jersey had no whit when the (then) home did. They finally fixed it and it is thin to mirror the thin white outline of the numbers... Teenage me approves!!!
  9. ...and "Knights" would have been unique in PRO sports how did a lowly OHL team prevent Vegas from doing whatever they wanted...
  10. I don't get this notion that you cant use a name because another team in another league or sport uses it. We live in a world where the Florida Panthers (1993) and Carolina Panthers (1995) came in to existence two years apart. Yet the Vegas Golden Knights were blocked from using Las Vegas Knights because of the London Knights of the OHL? A team NO ONE has heard of outside of Ontario Canada... We have... Jets (Winnipeg, New York) Giants (San Francisco, New York) Kings (L.A., Sacramento) Panthers (Florida, Carolina) Rangers (Texas, New York)
  11. NO, no, no, no!!! When they added white they ruined the symmetry between the home and away having EXACTLY the same stripes with only the main body being different!
  12. Sure, for those that have the misconception the every North American sports team is ans alliteration...
  13. If it's a composite stick does the shark even need to bite it for it to break? just breath on it...