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  1. I dont think you will see it in chrome on the cars. The new iD 3 was shown at auto shows and it was the first car with the new logo and it lights up with LEDs.
  2. DING DING DING!!! We have a winner. There is nothing at all non traditional about this football uniform, yet it is a refreshing new look for a franchise sorely in need of a fresh start!!!
  3. Glad I could help make this happen for you! Well deserved!!! ...and when is Chris Creamer going to get this belt made and sold as a real physical item, it looks beautiful... LOL
  4. The BLUE and YELLOW plates they have now are perfect, classic with just enough modern... Why are they changing them again??? And what is Excelsior??? I thought these were to honour Stan Lee with that on there...
  5. EPIC! Post of the day IMHO...
  6. I'd be happy if my Patriots would just wear silver pants with the white jersey on their current set, like they used to with the '90s era set.
  7. Now, that looks like the Toronto Raptors. I will never get used to the removal of purple. I understand wanting to grow up from their inaugural look but the colours were great and unique.
  8. Yes! Change the thin orange stripe to silver/grey and then mirror the same pattern on the hem and call it a day!!!
  9. Seattle Bust then... Alliteration is ALL people can think of when proposing a new team name, Not every team has to be an alliteration. It sounds bush league most of the time...
  10. It's funny that you call the Bills current logo "new".
  11. !00% agree with you. The only truely good look they have had...
  12. Now those RAMS uniforms are beautiful!!! Look the navy blue matches from helmet to shoulders to socks!!! Better then the LA garbage they are wearing in SB LIII
  13. That's what I want too, buy I would make the black the alt, with a gold home, white away. My belief was that the reason they introduced black socks with the black jersey is so they could introduce a gold jersey with the gold socks as the alternate later on. Then promote the gold to home jersey status. Hasn't happened yet...
  14. So the Bruins WC19 jersey is a modern take on a hybrid of 1926-32 but with the logo of 1932-34. As long as it is brown it is fine by me...
  15. Nope! Old School Fool was right, his is better!!! Navy era Whalers were a masterpiece!!!