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  1. !00% agree with you. The only truely good look they have had...
  2. Now those RAMS uniforms are beautiful!!! Look the navy blue matches from helmet to shoulders to socks!!! Better then the LA garbage they are wearing in SB LIII
  3. That's what I want too, buy I would make the black the alt, with a gold home, white away. My belief was that the reason they introduced black socks with the black jersey is so they could introduce a gold jersey with the gold socks as the alternate later on. Then promote the gold to home jersey status. Hasn't happened yet...
  4. So the Bruins WC19 jersey is a modern take on a hybrid of 1926-32 but with the logo of 1932-34. As long as it is brown it is fine by me...
  5. Nope! Old School Fool was right, his is better!!! Navy era Whalers were a masterpiece!!!
  6. Looks brown to me too on my computer here at work...
  7. I feel like they just introduced black socks with the away uniform so that they can introduce a yellow jersey with yellow socks as an alt coming soon...
  8. Mmm, top 4 better. Make the regular season meaningful. The way the CFL is now, it's more of a challenge to miss the playoffs then make them...

    Fixing the CFL

    Well if that is true about the mountains, well then this logo is perfect! It's actually perfect no matter what!!!
  10. SHaMROCK

    Fixing the CFL

    CFL - HIRE THIS MAN!!! No a single misstep in this thread so far...
  11. I know they do, I hate it so much!!! And I'm Canadian.
  12. Oh god no, why do every Canadian teams have to shoehorn a maple leaf into their identity. Only the Toronto Maple Leafs should have a maple leaf. No one else!!!
  13. Atlantic, Maritime, Acadia are all decent. What I'm not sure about is whether "Triple X" is a appropriate name for Halifax or any other city for that matter...
  14. It doesn't always have to be alliteration... Arrgh!
  15. SHaMROCK

    NHL 2017-18

    Reversing the colours is not matching. Matching is matching. Originally the light and dark jerseys were exactly the same. The only difference was white body for home and black body for away. They looked so dark and menacing wearing almost no white on the road...