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  1. As a kid it always bothered me that the (then) eoad jersey had no whit when the (then) home did. They finally fixed it and it is thin to mirror the thin white outline of the numbers... Teenage me approves!!!
  2. ...and "Knights" would have been unique in PRO sports how did a lowly OHL team prevent Vegas from doing whatever they wanted...
  3. I don't get this notion that you cant use a name because another team in another league or sport uses it. We live in a world where the Florida Panthers (1993) and Carolina Panthers (1995) came in to existence two years apart. Yet the Vegas Golden Knights were blocked from using Las Vegas Knights because of the London Knights of the OHL? A team NO ONE has heard of outside of Ontario Canada... We have... Jets (Winnipeg, New York) Giants (San Francisco, New York) Kings (L.A., Sacramento) Panthers (Florida, Carolina) Rangers (Texas, New York)
  4. NO, no, no, no!!! When they added white they ruined the symmetry between the home and away having EXACTLY the same stripes with only the main body being different!
  5. Sure, for those that have the misconception the every North American sports team is ans alliteration...
  6. If it's a composite stick does the shark even need to bite it for it to break? just breath on it...
  7. They are just so beautiful. I don't even care about the shortcomings of the original logo. At this point it is vintage, and we accept all sorts of crap because it is how it always was in the sports logo/uniform world...
  8. This is all very, VERY good....
  9. These are not bad! So glad you did not add white to the black. That was the first move towards looking like crap. I'm glad that recognize the Senators OG set looked so great because the arm stripes and hem stripes stated the same across all sets, only the body colour changed. Pick one shoulder patch and I'm on board!
  10. Well, thanks for that! Never noticed those issues till now. So, that needs fixing!
  11. Ha! I never knew a single other Patriots fan before 2001 SB. Got made fun of plenty for supporting such a garbage team. How times have changed!!!
  12. I really like the update. I don't think it works as a helmet logo. Keep flying Elvis on the helmet and put this updated pat patriot on the shoulders. No need to repeat Elvis again a foot lower...
  13. They should make this logo mostly blue (only a green shamrock) and put it on the shoulder of the current jersey that sorely needs a shoulder crest.
  14. I dont think you will see it in chrome on the cars. The new iD 3 was shown at auto shows and it was the first car with the new logo and it lights up with LEDs.
  15. DING DING DING!!! We have a winner. There is nothing at all non traditional about this football uniform, yet it is a refreshing new look for a franchise sorely in need of a fresh start!!!