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  1. ESPN Boston was pretty bad, but WEEI and their network were really, really good during the week I was up there in October. My wife, who is by no stretch of the imagination a sports fan, even enjoyed the afternoon guys. The Detroit thing is sad- Stoney, Wojo and Baligian were all super nice people when you'd see them out and about. If I were to place a bet, Stoney will reappear somewhere after his 90 days is up, and both he and Wojo are still to be paid under their guaranteed contracts for another 3 years or so. That said, I wouldn't be shocked if another sports station comes up in Detroit sometime soon. With S&W, Drew Lane and to a lesser extent Gregg Henson still floating around out there it could happen- that's a pretty nice lineup to start with. (I bring up Henson only because there are lots of rumours out there of him putting together demo tapes for a solo gig, and his blog radio show has at least one of them, that featured an interview with Warren Cromartie, among others). And Jamie is lost on Mike in the Morning, especially when Mike Wolters already did most of the sports talk on there.
  2. The one thing about Southland's Durene stuff is that they won't make less than 12 pieces. I was going to work on some for my Dad's high school team's annual reunion, but I only had 6 spoken for and they didn't want to fire up the machine for less than 12- that might have something to do with what took so long to get those from Terry (and I agree, super nice guy- really enjoyed dealing with him way back when).
  3. I think for 2010 we're looking to see new BP jerseys and hats- They usually do them every 2-3 years, alternating with the jackets.
  4. yes, the eyes of the Tigers on Comerica Park's scoreboard do light orange when the Tigers score a run.
  5. I'm working with a school right now that's "leasing" a NCAA Division 1 logo, and it's a lot more trouble than it's worth. I agree, find some of the art students in the school to create the new identity. It would be a nice addition to a young portfolio.
  6. I vote for Bubbles as well. The name was coined by WDFN Detroit Lions postgame show host Art Regner during one of his locally famous postgame tirades. I can't remember the conversation in great detail, but he noted that the Lions were as intimidating as the Powerpuff Girls, and named the Lions logo after one of them. The only problem is that because of the relatively small size of that audience, the word around the logo's "nickname" spread really slowly.
  7. Yes, for some reason they did use twill plates on those. They haven't been used in the NHL since the Jets in about 89-90. I wonder if this was a one-off thing. I'm guessing yes since those are replicas.
  8. That wasn't any sort of anniversary logo, but one that Apex created to use on all of the Lions sideline gear they produced around 1993-95. It was never used by any of the other companies. My dad has a jacket with that logo from when I was working at Champs Sports during Christmas 1994.
  9. tmorss9

    MLB 2009

    I'm loving that orange BP jersey.
  10. *61 was accurate except the Tigers and Yankees both had the jersey logos on their caps instead of the proper cap logos. Great, great movie though.
  11. Here's an example of a sweatshirt I did for a school I do some work for. The team name is "Blue Streaks" and I found the logo tucked away on their website a while back. Generally, they go with some type of clipart, but I really liked the possibilities of this one.
  12. Yes, that is what they're doing for all of the teams starting in 2009. You lose the full twill on the front, but gain proper fonts. I don't know if that's good news or bad news, frankly.
  13. PC has a great point- I don't think any of us would disagree that we'd rather make sure a student gets to paint or play the tuba or learn drafting than have the team look like an NFL team. If it weren't for a design class, I'd have never fully realized that I wanted to do what I do. In quite a few cases (and PC worked on one of these for me) a team member will find something at a mall store and ask a supplier to make something that looks similar to it. Just remember- guys teams want to look like a pro team, girls teams want to look like the Abercrombie catalog. Also, a few of the big companies are starting to go after the more prestigious high school's business like they do colleges. In this area, Massillon (Ohio) is under contract to Nike, but they haven't even done a real redesign. In fact, a few years ago they were still using the Hamilton Tiger-Cat, as well as their "cartoon" tiger (whose name escapes me... Obie?)
  14. Just as a uniform supplier, I do like to offer my schools a branding package as a complimentary part of my service. In my area, a lot of the schools already have great identities and logos, so all I would really have to do is a little tweak here and there. The only thing is, and Bulldog will be the man to talk to about this much more than me, is that it is extremely rare for a school to order full new sets of uniforms for all of it's teams in a year. Aside from the uniforms, you would also have to let the school go through whatever inventory of items they already have with the old images on them. A branding package would be something that would be implemented over several years, and probably would be a bit of a tough sell on it's own. Great, great idea though- especially for schools that have the cash or boosters to pay for it. EDIT: STL hit it on the head. I think I was trying to sugar coat it, but he's got it absolutely right.
  15. tmorss9

    MLB 2009

    I'm for the Orange with black as an outline. The Orioles never looked right to me with so little orange.