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  1. Red and blue are horribly overused color schemes (in the MLB, 11/30 teams use a variation of red/blue) Gray uniforms need to be done away with in baseball Powder blue/navy blue is the new teal/purple The 9ers new uniforms were a MAJOR downgrade. So much so in fact that it caused me to capitalize and bold the word major. All the previous uniforms needed were some light tweaks to get it working properly(losing drop shadow, making helmet stripe match pants stripe, take logo off sleeves and outline the stripes on the sleeves like the tweaked numbers.)
  2. This isn't an unpopular opinion amongst NCAA football players http://www.examiner.com/oregon-ducks-football-in-portland/players-poll-oregon-uniforms-voted-ncaa-s-best
  3. I hate the power blue Chargers uniforms of any era. Pinstripes are awful too.
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