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  1. In the mid 80's the Heels had navy face masks and their road pants were silver, with Carolina blue stripes trimmed with navy. I wonder if I can find a pic of that.
  2. Nice for a once a year change of pace. Navy has been an unofficial color for UNC since pretty much the beginning of their sports teams (there have been times in the school's history where the home jersey for both men's football and men's hoops were navy with no Carolina blue on them at all). I actually like the Carolina blue #'s with white trim because it still keeps a fair amount of that color in the jersey.....to flip the colors of the #s would leave almost no Carolina blue there. Now, I only want to see these with the white pants....no navy over navy or navy over Carolina blue pants (which, btw, the Heels haven't worn once this year.....their road pants have been either the whites or the navy blue pants). All in all a very nice alternate jersey.
  3. Wow, Thanks MG, those are great!
  4. Would love to see these: 60's era UNC: http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Proje...rolina_OLD3.gif Current UNC helmet: http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Proje...th_Carolina.gif 70's-80's ECU: http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Proje...rolina_OLD2.gif
  5. If the Hornets would switch the purple on both of their sets with the creole blue they would be rockin'.
  6. I'd love to see the helmets with a red shell, keeping the blue face masks.
  7. Agreed with the M with flag logo on the helmet. IIRC it was on a black shell with a black face mask. How would it look on a white shell with a red face mask (just the same as current helmet)? How about a red shell with black face mask?
  8. UNC grad here and I really like them. Navy blue has been a part of the UNC color set since the 1920's. First hoops unis were navy blue, Choo Choo justice's teams wore Navy unis, the UNC letterman jackets have Navy as the base color, back in the mid 80's (Dick Crum's last few years) the Heels had navy face masks. The amount of navy trim in the hoops and football unis over the past 20 years has waxed and waned (Mack Brown's teams had alot of navy in the unis, Buth Davs' predecessor ha removed almost all navy from the unis). Now, were the pants to be all navy with no Carolina blue accents then I wouldn't be keen on them. The Carolina blue truncated stripe really helps. They probably need to increase the width of the navy outlines of the numbers and thicken the navy stripes on the helmet to really blend the whole uni well.
  9. I always loved the period when they had the helmets with the red shell and blue facemask.
  10. Looked but didn't see a link to UNC's new togs. NEw styling onthe jerseys, as well as differnt leg stripe. Not a fan of the partial leg stripe trend, but the one this year looks better than last year's. http://media.scout.com/Media/Image/57/572873.jpg http://media.scout.com/Media/Image/57/572853.jpg The new navy home alternate that will be worn at least once this year: http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/pr...goryId=cat10015
  11. Agree with those folks not really feeling that tattooish looking back panel, esp. if, as it seems, many of the teams will have that same look on the back of the jersey. Not real distinctive if the all have it. WTF is that design on the Russian Unis supposed to be? I agree that Germany and China sets do look nice. I like the national symbols included on both (the German shield and the Chinese star). I also find that I like the Croatian uni, as long as it really isn't as tight fitting as it appears to be in that pic. I've always loved Argentina's use of the the two shades of blue.
  12. I like: *Rustlers, which someone has already mentioned......Wranglers and Outlaws also work * "Boomers" for the land rush of 1889 (although not very PC since they were taking land that had been given to the Native Americans as reservations) ....and yes I know OU has the Boomer Schooner. * "Wildcatters" for the oil industry Crimson (OU) + Black (OSU) + Old Gold (Tulsa)
  13. My employer, ECU. Really wish the gold was really a gold, ala Wake or GT, and not a bright yellow.
  14. Very nice. As a proud UNC alum I wouldn't mind seeing these sets at all. Kudos for not doing what one poster suggested.......I hate the argyle on the hoops unis and would hate them even more on the football sets. Would rather them never wear the light blue pants and go all white on the road, but it would be neat to see navy blue pants. Also, I wonder if Carolina blue facemasks would look better than the white. (FYI, the Heels wore navy facemasks in the mid 80's for a couple of seasons, believe it was my senior year in high school and my frosh year at UNC..Mack Brown did away with them when he took over for the 88 season.) edited..wait, I realize that I didn't pay close attention to the pix or that message! I see the argyle around the neck and I have to admit, that doesn't look bad at all! I can't believe I'm saying that!