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    Been a while since I posted anything here, but I thought I'd share this fun little test piece I made recently. Im lucky, I get to work in sports through the animation work I do, but it means I don't get to do a whole bunch of logo work these days. in response to the Washington rebrand, I was interested in the Redwolves mascot name. It gave me an idea for a concept that sought to source a little of the old visual equity without a specific reference to native people. I understand they likely want a clean break from this, but this was just a thought experiment. My rationale is that there are multiple pirates and crossed swords in the league, why not multiple arrow heads? Anyway, the aim was to make a fun rebrand video (I'd love to get back into more sports branding in that regard) and feature a quick logo design. My uniform is terrible, so anyone who wants to take a crack at making a better version, go ahead. If I get time, Ill retexture the player with a better design. Link to the associated video posted to twitter below. Hope you like it.
  2. I always worked in animation, but running a studio means I spend less time in sports these days. Although we do a lot of work for the NFL, UEFA, Team Canada, ESPN etc by way of our animated work. cubstudio.com I own a company that creates Automated content for social media, rendering in the cloud. Again, got to work with some cool clients. moshare.co.uk Still do the odd bit of branding work via my industry friends, Joe Bosack, TJ Harley and a couple others. Got to work on the Alliance Football branding for Joe most recently. It’s hard to work in an industry that’s an ocean away and sports is a tough one to crack as it’s so small.
  3. First four teams released: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dmjyFlWV/?taken-by=theaaf https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dg3jFxrl/?taken-by=theaaf https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dYAmlXuJ/?taken-by=theaaf https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dJ9BFdKb/?taken-by=theaaf
  4. Yeah, I don't know why a branding exercise should require a press release explaining its intent. It should either perform the job you are stating it does, or (like this) you somewhat undermine yourself by making confusing or conflicting statements.
  5. ooh, nice job on this. i like the reflections on the decal.
  6. Ah, I'm touched. This will go with my Bafta.
  7. Please tell me that that's not a ripoff. That's beautiful! It's a ripoff. I believe Fraser Davidson created in for a different high school. No, designed for catholic central.
  8. If you want a chrome effect, you'll need to add a layer. You cant achieve a reflection with the layers provided, you need more information. I would suggest just finding a simple chrome orb photo like that used below and placing it in the helmet colour layer using an overlay transfer mode. Probably works well enough.
  9. Exactly, if you can still tell the teams apart, it shouldn't be considered 'bad weather'. This is England vs Wales in the 60s. Wales are in red.
  10. Okay, here is a 3 view Revolution Speed template. Download from link here: http://rezland.deviantart.com/art/Revoltion-Speed-3-Shot-Template-348648832?ga_submit=10%3A1358265065 Here are some large format visuals.
  11. Fraid the layers dont work with elements.
  12. Links to all helmet templates can now be found on my website: http://fieldtheory.co.uk/HELMET-TEMPLATES
  13. Its in the first posts. You have to follow them VERY carefully. If its not working, you are either using a light version of PS or missing something in the description.
  14. How do you give this template a matte finish effect? try turning off the specular and reflection passes. wont be perfect, but will be close. you might need to do some erasing to keep it on the facemask.
  15. It would be great if you share your templates. The former one that was just a promise and never happened, and this one -which is also great-. If all you want is to show us that you are the greatest photoshop and Cinema 4D guru, you have accomplished that, no problem, but again, It would be great if you share your templates with common people like me, just good enough in photoshop. Cheers. ffs 1. Im under no obligation to share the templates I create using 3D models I have to purchase myself for many hundred of dollars 2. I make no money from the templates I create. In a way, sharing them all may actually cost me money. 3. Broken promises? Im sorry but some things cannot be turned in templates, the lighting structures/ depth passes etc are too complex to put into a format the average ps user might be able to use. 4. I have nothing to prove. I do not supply the community with templates to impress you. I do it because it might bring a few people a bit of joy to visualise their work in a professional way. 5. See below. http://rezland.deviantart.com/art/Revolution-Speed-Template-280301179
  16. what are you talking about? This is for making images.
  17. How do you layer it up? Um... you just posted how? Theres even a picture.
  18. I'm thinking about building a Photoshop template for this:
  19. I dont understand how your background is black. you must have missed a step or messed up the masking...
  20. Think this is what you wanted: How did you get that metallic (AKA "sparkly") effect? Would it work on a darker gray? 'overlay' a layer of mid gray over the helmet colour. this should look exactly the same if the grey is rgb (128,128,128). then add some noise to the layer.
  21. Slightly different revolution template coming soon. Okay guys, I got hold of another Revolution helmet, which seems slightly better in some ways. Here is what I'm working.
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