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  1. Alabama SEC Championship/CFP ring. Not the ring we wanted but better than most schools can legitimately put on a ring. The 26 on the helmet represents 26 SEC titles
  2. Is there a specific name for the font of the NY on the chest of the Yankees home jersey?Looking for a list of letters in that style
  3. I'd like to see the Knicks lose the logo on the shorts in favor of bringing back the interlocking NY (Yankees style)
  4. Teams that wear "special" jerseys against us haven't had much luck. Remember the Georgia Blackout game in 2008? Florida's all whites and white helmet in 2009 SEC CG? Miss St went all black last year? We destroyed them in each game. We'll just stick to our traditional "kick your ass" crimson and white plain jerseys
  5. If they change the name to the New Orleans Supersonics then basketball in NOLA is doomed !
  6. Atlanta is keeping this real quiet. I hear a January unveil is on tap and this month is drying up pretty quick
  7. Well, that would explain the alternate logo (black tomahawk) and a current hat being used, but we were told the new set would be worn with existing pants. I don't think they would try to wear a cream jersey with white pants. According to photos of that game, that throwback wasn't cream, but grey, which could mean an updated version used with the current away pants and red-brimmed hat. Unless there was another game against the Dodgers where they wore throwbacks. OH>MY>GOD.................I LOVE those uniforms Pics from:
  8. I wish they would replace the red tomahawk with the black one but that's just me