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  1. this guy was first to report the burkle pulling out of sac thing. so his word is pretty trustworthy
  2. according to this post on reddit , sacramento might get our whale after all.
  3. umm the team has said they actually DO get training
  4. the cubs have a history of navy uniforms, so it's a throwback to that from the 1910s
  5. i like the new design, but i'd LOVE a dark mode
  6. so far i like both city connect edition kits we've seen, FOR WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO, they hit it out of the park.
  7. i'd love to see seattle have a ice blue and navy barberpole seattle mets inspired design
  8. remember the "city" uniforms arent for "US" they're for everyone else. there's no harm in these even existing. theyre's 162 games in a season. these arent being worn every game. please just think before you post on things like this. cause some of yall look stupid
  9. maybe a double red? red and a almost maroon shade of red with white?
  10. those boston jerseys are not bad at ALL especially for a series.
  11. NRL is the australian rugby league, and it's what i usually watch. they have a league wide font and no names on the back like this
  12. rugby league has names on the back? not in the NRL
  13. hamilton, ontario, you say? would you say the lineman's confidence is all ego?
  14. even if it's one series. it's still whatt, 4 games out of 162? no issue
  15. the sky is not falling, no need to chicken little about things, by the sounds of things, it's gonna be used for ONE GAME. ONE GAME out of 162? COME ON MAN
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