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  1. good things come to those who wait.... he will post updates when he has them
  2. sacramento got screwed, and my MLS boycott is still going on until we get in. i second everything bucfan said.
  3. will we see a portland timbers logo situation with these?
  4. this is the event that doesnt end, it just goes on and on my friend.....
  5. if this had lime green as an accent it would have been better IMHO
  6. i wish the boards had some sort fo real time chat function thing so we could discuss big events in real time. i know another board i frequent has a discord connected to the board(it locks you into the board username, etc) and i think it'd be a cool idea to look into. i do have an unofficial one in my sig if anyone wants to check it out. i didnt know whwere else to put the idea, sorry if it;s in the wrong place mods
  7. this reminds me of the "is the dress white and gold or blue and black" meme is it orange and red or blue and black?
  8. and i actually own the green one. it was a authertic jersey, and there were no replicas avaliable.
  9. EDIT: insert opening to the joke here do you like BOFA?
  10. it's so crappy it's unbelieveable
  11. the twitch feed and the stream on the bzzr website are NOT one in the same, schedule wise