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  1. 1 minute ago, DiePerske said:

    I know(think) wolfpack did but I'll gladly be corrected. I'm a union man myself.

    NRL is the australian rugby league, and it's what i usually watch. they have a league wide font and no names on the back like this

  2. 1 hour ago, DiePerske said:

    Rugby Union still, to my knowledge, has no names on the back of any major league(Pro14, Top 14, Premiership, SuperRugby) nor international as you've said. The 7s teams do but they can because short tournament.


    Rugby League, closely related but different sport, has names though. And a different numbering system.

    rugby league has names on the back? not in the NRL

  3. 2 minutes ago, joekono said:

    Yeah, but once that AD door is open, who know what the corporations will try to get away with. We are a uniform forum, so that being said, we probably care more than any hockey fans about the way the team's uniforms look, If I have to watch games with uniforms like this:European hockey fans, how did jerseys become massive billboards? : would bother me.

    wow. ya  need to calm down. just having one helmet ad does not make it euorpean hockey. we need to relax a bit. i dont think they will ever get that bad. dude, you're chicken littleing a bit here

  4. On 2/25/2021 at 8:29 PM, BigRed618 said:

    Glad to see you’re already enjoying it, and to tell the truth, the main reason I picked the Magpies was because FS1 seemed to favor them when deciding what games to televise, and the seemed to do pretty good every time I saw them in action anyway.






    The Lions have an interesting story, reflected in their uniforms. Formed in 1996 from a merger of two struggling clubs, the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy FC aka the Lions, the Brisbane Lions' whole identity is seen to be a fusion of elements from Fitzroy and the Bears. Though they take the maroon color from the Bears, they will play in a uniform similar to their home colors but with red in place of maroon when playing in a Victorian stadium, to resemble the jumpers they wore as the Fitzroy Lions.


    Some controversy arose in the late 00s when the Brisbane decided they would get a new logo, along with a revamped lion on their jerseys. The new lion, nicknamed the "paddlepop lion," proved unpopular, and three years later was replaced with the old Fitzroy Lion, where it remains to this day. For my concept, I made an attempt to modernize the lion with a little more restraint, a combination of sorts of the old cat and the new. Here’s a closer look...




    That’s about everything. Let me know what you think.

    the fitzroy fans would be in an uproar, especially because it HAS to be the fitzroy lion according to the merger agreement. changing it in any way breaks it

  5. 7 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    Footy Headlines just posted this mockup of what they say is Atlanta’s new primary:

    Not a fan of this at all if it truly is representative of the real thing. 

    it's so crappy it's unbelievable

  6. 4 hours ago, Digby said:

    ^ I assumed that halved RB Salzburg kit is taking its design cues from the lightning motif that Nike's been using everywhere? It does look odd with the logo covering up the jagged part, though. (Otherwise I kinda like a diagonal-ish halves design)

    red bull cans maybe?

  7. 11 minutes ago, Chewbacca said:

    We have had one without the other for a very long time. They already have enough ads everywhere else. They should not be putting ads on the uniforms too. I think it is greed and I do not trust the NHL to get rid of them once things return to some type of normal again. 

    actually... with equipment manufacturer logos on helmets and stuff. we've had sponsor logos for years. the equipment companies pay the nhl to have their logo on stuff... they already HAD ads on the uniforms.. people are jsut losing their crap over other sponsors being put on the helmets for one season as a make good for their contracts that didnt get fufilled  cause of the pandemic. the sky is not falling, chicken little. the NHL is not gonna turn into europe 

  8. 6 minutes ago, Chewbacca said:

    They have made north of a billion dollars in expansion fees in the past few years and they boast about their billions in annual revenues every year. I think they can afford to keep ads off their uniforms.

    by this logic, there shouldnt be ads on the dasher boards surriounding the rink or on the ice, and yet there are. cant have one without the other

  9. Just now, AFirestormToPurify said:

    Bauer is a hockey company and they actually make, Tim Horton's and Viagra aren't and have nothing to do with hockey or hockey equipment manufacturing. Are you being dense on purpose or you're just playing devil's advocate cause you're bored?

    it's ALL advertising. i am not being dense man. if you are against tim hortons being on a small space on a helmet, as is bauer or ccm, and those might actually be BIGGER, and you arernt against equipm,ent makers advertising on stuff. then YOU are dense my guy

  10. 2 minutes ago, AFirestormToPurify said:

    It's not the same thing at all and you know it

    but it is my dude. bauer ccm etc are companies who have their branding on equipment. when you think about it, they're advertising in every level of the sport... yet people complain when ads for other companies than equipment suppliars show up on equipment. it wont go further than this season most likely NHL uniforms wont look like europ[[ean league uniforms, the sky is not falling chicken little.